Smoked Sausages With Red Cabbage, Mushrooms, and Broccoli

Potato-Stuffed Squash With Prosciutto Crudo

Empanadas With Salami and Mozzarella

Donut Mini Pizza

Cheesy French Fry Pizza With Salami

Pizza Toast

Goat Cheese and Salami Rolls

Cheesy Chorizo Phyllo Pastry Roll-Ups

Braised Marinated Rabbit

Roasted Duck With Figs

Roasted Duck Breast With Raspberry Sauce

Roasted Duck Breast With Plum Sauce

Lamb Mince Ciabatta Sandwich

Lamb and Couscous Patties With Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Cheddar-Stuffed Lamb Meatballs

Hummus Lamb Burger With Fried Chickpeas