Turkey Dishes That Will Make Your Thanksgiving Better

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Maybe you’re tired of the same old whole cooked turkey or maybe you want to completely reinvent your Thanksgiving meal. Either way, you need to see these turkey dishes we came up with. They will breathe new life into your menu, one way or another! 

When we are planning for feasts, it’s so easy to overshoot everything and then feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work and just want to give up. But you know what? Cut yourself some slack. You deserve to have good holidays, just like anybody and definitely the pressure should not be only on you for this. A nice solution is reinventing the menu for family gatherings and trying to simplify things. This following list makes sure that you have plenty of options for both simpler turkey dishes, and more complicated fare if you want to upgrade your meal this year.

5 turkey dishes everyone will remember

1. Mascarpone and Cranberry Stuffed Turkey Roll

This has so many great hallmarks of Thanksgiving: cranberries and turkey, all rolled into one! Our suggestion is to roll the meat and fill it with some good stuffing. Make this sweet and sour filling with mascarpone and cranberries. A nice addition to everything is a fresh pesto sauce on top!

2. Bacon Wrapped Roast Turkey With Fruits And Rice Stuffing

We can chat about yams, stuffing, and pies all you want. But is there anything that says Thanksgiving more than the stuffed and roasted turkey? We think not. Here is a classic recipe with a twist: the stuffing is mainly rice with apples and cranberries. The best thing about this is covering the whole bird with the one-two punch of bacon and butter. This is a whole turkey recipe that you can make if you want to go above and beyond!

3. Roast Turkey Leg With Potato Mash

If you’re just making turkey legs for dinner this year, then we’ve got the recipe for you! We recommend you roast it in the oven to get that nice, crispy skin, and juicy meat. And if you’re looking for a side, we couldn’t think of anything better than a creamy potato mash, seasoned with a touch of pepper and turmeric. Try and enjoy!

4. Butter-Roasted Turkey Thigh

Got a nice turkey thigh that you want to cook? Here’s a great idea for a delicious meal. Mix a generous amount of butter with parsley, garlic, and lemon juice. Use the mixture to cover the turkey. Slide it in the oven and you will enjoy a delicious meat, crispy on the outside, and deliciously tender on the inside.

5. Turkey Casserole With Bacon And Bechamel Sauce

Turkey, Bechamel sauce and bacon! Now that we have your attention with these very fine ingredients, it’s time to make an amazing casserole out of them. It’s packed full of flavor, has a wonderful texture, and you can serve it whenever you want. Not to mention that it’s more informal and hassle-free. Perfect if you’re having a Friendsgiving!

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