8 Phyllo Pastry Recipes to Get the Most of It

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If you’re in the market for phyllo pastry recipes, we have plenty of those for you! What’s great about this type of pastry is the versatility and the virtual infinity of possible toppings and fillings to use. 

And since we’re talking about versatility, I’m confident that the list of phyllo pastry recipes below will more than prove that. What’s left is for you to start cooking already!

8 phyllo pastry recipes to try

1. Baby spinach cheesy phyllo triangles

Did you try the Tiropitakia super-snacks, already? They have a super-delicious crunchy and buttery crust thanks to the oil-coated, baked phyllo pastry. The filling has two types of cheese and, also, veggies. So, cheesiness is perfectly teamed up with fresh and savory greens.

baby spinach cheesy phyllo triangles

2. Lemon Phyllo Cake Topped with Greek Yogurt

Phyllo pastry bathed in cinnamon syrup is one of the tastiest sweet dishes out there. Pair the sugar sweetness with lively lemon zest and lemon juice sourness. Bring even more freshness with Greek yogurt into the casserole mixture and when serving it, too.

Lemon Phyllo Cake Topped with Greek Yogurt

3. Mushroom, Egg, and Leek Phyllo Pie

It’s been some time since we’ve last prepared a hearty phyllo pastry savory pie, so let’s fix that. We used a lot of mushrooms paired with leeks for this one. We put in boiled eggs and some cheese and wrapped everything with phyllo sheets. So, creamy and crunchy, everyone! Don’t overeat, though!

phyllo pastry recipes

4. Pear and Walnut Phyllo Pockets

These pear-stuffed buttery phyllo pastry pockets are really hard to turn down. And that’s mainly thanks to their crushed walnut and soft pear filling. Enhance the flavor with cinnamon, amaretto, and basil. Then bake. They are just as yummy if served warm or cold.

Pear and Walnut Phyllo Pockets

5. Yogurt Raisin Phyllo Pie

Let’s transform some thin layers of phyllo pastry into something sweet, delicious and flaky. For that, layer vegetable oil-coated phyllo sheets and a creamy egg and yogurt mixture flavored with orange and lemon zest. Oh, and if you ever hear the names “Flies’ graveyard” or “Flies cemetery” it’s about the raisins sprinkled between the layers.

Yogurt Raisin Phyllo Pie

6. Chocolate and Raspberry Phyllo Cups

Let’s make these bites with the ever-irresistible phyllo pastry crust. It is flaky, buttery, and yummy. The extra-sweet and delicious filling is made with the melted chocolate and the raspberry jam. Top with refreshing raspberries. Once you’ve made this recipe you can fill the cups with anything that goes through your mind next time!

chocolate and raspberry phyllo cups

7. Cheese and Ham Phyllo Rolls Casserole

This casserole is seriously yummy stuff. Hearty comfort food that is deliciously cheesy from the melting Gruyere and feta. The ham is a welcomed addition. Also, the nutmeg and thyme flavoring. And as always, the crispy phyllo pastry makes everything extra-tasty.

cheese and ham phyllo rolls casserole

8. Portokalopita

One of the most famous Greek desserts crossed the Ocean and arrived on our website to bring joy to all of you. It’s a mixture of phyllo, sugar, and yogurt flavored with orange juice and zest. It may take around 90 minutes to cook it, but we guarantee it is worth your while.



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