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Halloween Cookies and Cupcakes: Try These 3 Items!

Halloween Cookies and Cupcakes: Try These 3 Items!

Want to be a bit festive this Halloween but you have next to no time to do that? How about trying these easy-to-make Halloween cookies and cupcakes and then move on to the other items on your to-do list?

What I like about imagination is that it sort of fills in the blanks. Add a few very simple details to your baked goods and voila! All of a sudden, they have a personality of their own and they really stand out when it comes to snacks at your Halloween party. So what exactly can you do? The answer is simple: try these three very simple recipes and techniques we’ve filmed for you.

For the cupcakes, you don’t have to do that much, just mold some horns and add them on top of these delicious bloody-looking cupcakes and you’ll get something even the lord of hell might be enticed to try. Then use some black food coloring to make these adorable black cookies with curious eyes. For the last one, stack some cookies, add a bit of cream and use marshmallows to look like teeth. You can get your kids to help you with this as well.

These recipes are simple, yet effective. Place them all on the table, decorate with some candles, and you have yourself a party or a small get together with friends.

Browse through them and let us know which one is your favorite in a comment below. You can always find more excellent and playful cookies in our database.

For the ingredients and steps, visit the links below.

1. Devil’s Cupcakes

Devil's Cupcakes

2. Spooky Cookies

Spooky Cookie

3. Monster Teeth Cookies

Monster Teeth Cookies

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