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Carrot and Chickpea Bread Roll Sandwich

Carrot and Chickpea Bread Roll Sandwich

You can make this exactly as we did, or you can transform it very easily into a burger, by using a classic burger bun. Either way, you’ll end up with vegetarian little sandwiches filled with lemon-flavored chickpea, oat, and carrot patties, with salad greens, avocado, and tomato slices.

Muffuletta Sandwich

Muffuletta Sandwich

Originally, the muffuletta sandwich (named from the bread) sprang up in Sicily, only to cross the ocean later. We show you how to put together your own. Instead of sesame bread, we used a whole wheat one. First, it can be no muffuletta without mortadella, olive oil, and cheese. Pair these with baked veggies, flavor with basil and spice it with salsa.

Sandwich Cake

Sandwich Cake

Is this a sandwich cake or a sandwich tower? Any way you name it, you should try your hand at it. It’s a no-brainer made by stacking 4 mini pita loaves of bread. You spread them with a lemony cottage cheese and dill mixture and top each one with radish slices and smoked salmon. So, do you have 15 minutes?

Super Stretchy Booza Ice Cream Gets Stuffed Inside This Baklava Sandwich -

Super Stretchy Booza Ice Cream Gets Stuffed Inside This Baklava Sandwich

Booza Baklava Sandwich This stretchy Arabic ice cream gets served inside a Baklava 😲🍦FIND IT HERE: Gepostet von Foodbeast am Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2019 Not too long ago, images of what appeared to be ice cream being stretched out like Mr. Fantastic’s limbs drew a viral reaction, as everyone wondered where they could get […]

Wendy's Just Unleashed A New Trio Of Loaded Chicken Sandwiches -

Wendy’s Just Unleashed a New Trio of Loaded Chicken Sandwiches

A few months ago, Wendy’s released its new menu line, “Made to Crave”, taking the Wendy’s core menu that much further by continuing to drive flavor diversity. After seeing success with Made to Crave hamburgers, the chain has decided to unveil a similar lineup for their chicken sandwiches. Each of the new sandwiches features a […]

Arby's Unleashes Massive King's Hawaiian Sandwich Lineup -

Arby’s Unleashes Massive King’s Hawaiian Sandwich Lineup

Arby’s just launched a brand new lineup of King’s Hawaiian sandwiches that combines tall stacks of meat with some serious heat. The biggest of their new sandwiches, the Big Kahuna, has a base layer of fried chicken, and then stacks pit smoked ham and smoked brisket between the King’s Hawaiian bread roll. Their flavors then […]

What Can You Do with a Sandwich Maker Besides Sandwiches

What You Can Do With a Sandwich Maker Besides Sandwiches

A sandwich maker can be a treasure for people who prefer simple cooking techniques. Turns out you can cook pretty much anything with it. Not soup, but still. Check these out! The first time I had a sandwich maker I was living in a rented apartment and I fell in love with it right away. […]

This Coffee Shop's MASSIVE Concha Ice Cream 'Sandwich' Doubles As A Cake -

This Coffee Shop’s MASSIVE Concha Ice Cream ‘Sandwich’ Doubles as a Cake

Fans of concha ice cream sandwiches are gonna love this MASSIVE cake-sized version of the delectable Mexican treat. Created by Azules Coffee in Anaheim, CA, they make a gigantic version of the iconic sweet bread, stick a quart of ice cream in the middle, and then dunk the entire “sandwich” into a luscious quarter-pound layer […]