5 Pie Recipes You Can Have for Easter as Main Course or Dessert

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5 Pie Recipes You Can Have for Easter as Main Course or Dessert

Do you want a piece of this? I’m pretty sure you do, because who doesn’t love pie? The dish works as a main course if it has a hearty salty filling, but a warm slice is an amazing dessert for any occasion. Easter included. Here are the pie recipes we want you to try asap! 

Do you know what works great as a main course or dessert on any given holiday? If you want to learn to make some great pies, we have you covered. Don’t eat humble pie! Nobody was born all-knowing. Especially in the kitchen, where skills need time to refine. So we picked some pie recipes to put you on the right path.

2 pie recipes to have as the main course

1. Creamy chicken and leek pie

If you’re running out of ideas for Easter dinner, this creamy chicken and leek pie should be the answer to all your prayers. Inside a warm, homemade dough you’ll find a delicious and creamy filling made of chicken, leek, butter, and spices. It may take a bit to cook it, but in the end, it’s totally worth it!

2. Minced meat and bacon pie

This is the next thing you should cook! It’s a minced meat and bacon pie, with some caramelized red onion and deliciously crispy crust. This pie recipe is something you don’t want to miss! It draws from classical influences, with some modern and quite sophisticated twists. Bonus? It has bacon! Crispy, cooked-to-perfection bacon!

3 pie recipes to have for dessert

I’ll admit to being a bit biased on the maybe-debate sweet pie vs salty pie. I fall squarely on the sweet pie side. So I’ve picked three pie recipes for dessert! Until then, how about you get started on the crust?

1. Dark Chocolate and Walnut Pie

This definitely is something to make when you’re celebrating. The dark chocolate and walnut pie recipe adapts a pecan pie recipe by swapping out the pecans with walnuts. The dark chocolate and the bourbon (yum!) bring everything together in the end. The pie is ready in about two hours, and it works nicely for your special occasions, Easter definitely included.

2. Berry and Almond Pie

It’s berry berry nutty! Pardon the puns, but it’s hard to stop myself sometimes. This berry and almond pie is quite the healthy option for your Easter menu. The dough is made out of almond and whole wheat flour, low-fat yogurt, and honey instead of sugar. And yet it still tastes amazing! But the only way to find out is to try it.

3. Rum and Berry Pie

Can you see a pattern emerging? This rum and berry pie has some alcohol (like the first sweet pie) and some berries (like the second sweet pie). You can try this colorful pie recipe even if berries aren’t yet in season. Just use frozen berries! Research shows that they’re just as healthy as fresh berries. Plus, if they’re frozen, they retain their shape better. Cook them on medium heat with rum, cinnamon, and walnuts. Put the mixture into a pie pan, with puff pastry on the bottom. It looks nice, it smells amazing, and it tastes even better!

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