Read This and We’ll Have You Eating Chia Seeds for Breakfast

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Chia seeds are an excellent and nutritious way to go when it comes to the first and maybe most important meal of the day. But incorporating something new into your breakfast routine can seem tricky. That’s where these ideas for incorporating chia seeds for breakfast come in handy.

Are chia seeds that food item that everyone talks about, sometimes in a very obnoxious way? If you’re anything like me, you might feel the need to reject this food that has been praised to high heaven lately. But, and hear me out here, don’t do that! Having chia seeds for breakfast is, in fact, an excellent idea that could bring you plenty of benefits. All of the options below are quite easy to prepare, and we picked one for every day of the week! So you don’t have to get bored with your morning meals.

The benefits of having chia seeds for breakfast

Chia seeds will bring many nutrients into your diet, especially omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for your heart. Add some fiber, protein, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, and iron and I’m sure you can see why having them is a good idea. They’re also pretty filling so you won’t feel the constant craving for an unhealthy snack.

Chia is a member of the mint family, and it’s native to Mexico and Guatemala. Its history is traced back to pre-Columbian times – a long while ago. According to the legend, Aztec warriors could sustain themselves with one tablespoon of chia seeds for an entire day! That’s one hell of a nutritious breakfast, right?

Check out these chia fruity cups and try to make them. You won’t regret it!

7 ideas if you want to have chia seeds for breakfast

1. Mix it in your oatmeal

Cook your oatmeal or any other porridge you want to make in the morning and then add one or two tablespoons of chia seeds to the finished product. If you’re making some overnight oats, do not hesitate to add some of those delicious seeds, too. The flavor of chia seeds is mild and super pleasant, and their texture is also kick-ass.

2. On yogurt

Why have bland yogurt in the morning? Right, exactly, there’s no reason to do that. So sprinkle some seeds over your favorite yogurt (mine is Greek) for just a bit of extra nutrients and a pleasing feeling of fullness. If you think about it, chia seeds bring an element of texture to a lot of creamy foods, so you can try them in all of those. I am talking about vanilla or chocolate pudding, mousses and whatever else your imagination might come up with in the morning.

3. As pudding

Don’t worry; it’s not really complicated to make. Just add some milk to some chia seeds, and the result is a light, fluffy pudding that you can use as the perfect base for a more filling dish. Just pack it with fruits or nuts. Go for the freshest fruits of the season and your favorite trail mix. And you’re off to start the day perfectly.

The possibilities for making chia pudding are virtually endless. Make this coconut and mango chia pudding and see for yourself.

4. Add it to your smoothies

What is the most common objection to having chia seeds that I hear? ‘Their texture is too weird and gelatine-like.’ I feel you, people who don’t like gelatinous things. But if you’re one of them, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy having chia seeds for breakfast. Just mix them into your morning smoothie, and you get all of the nutrients, none of the gelatine. The result is simply crunchy!

5. In Juice

But if you do like the texture, which is not unheard of, then you can simply add the seeds to your favorite mix of fruit juice. Lemonade is the first option that comes to mind. But anything works. You make the choice!

6. Add them to baked goods

Fluffy pastry and crunchy chia seeds? My mouth is watering already. Just mix in some seeds in the dough or batter for muffins, pancakes, and cupcakes and then see how wonderful the crunch becomes when you taste.

7. Add them to jams

I don’t like mushy jams that much, I prefer the more textured variety. Take for instance strawberry jam, where you can simply taste the seeds when you chew. The more seeds the merrier, I say, so why not mix in some chia seeds in the jam, too? You toast with butter and jam will give you an extra nutrition punch!

Read this and We'll Have You Eating Chia Seeds for Breakfast
You can basically add a handful of chia seeds to any creamy thing you make, like yogurt or smoothies.

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