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It is believed that people are wasting around 40% of all the food they buy. If you think you are part of this statistic as well, and a lot of meat or fresh produce ends up in your trash, maybe it’s time to make a change.

Investing in some food waste solutions will help you use more of everything you buy from the grocery stores, save you some money (and spend it on other things you enjoy), and most of all save you some of the time you spend in the kitchen. That sounds like the perfect deal, right? That’s what we said, too! Especially after finding out about all of the following super-gadgets that are absolutely necessary for every household.

Are you curious to know what they are? Read below!

Potato and garlic preserving bags

These bags are specially developed to help you keep your potatoes and garlic fresh, for as long as possible. You can buy more of them in different colors, to help you easily identify the foods stored in each one. These bags are made from machine washable materials, thus are easy to maintain. Consider it a great purchase because of three simple reasons: less waste, tastier foods, and more money in your pocket.

Food savers for onions, tomatoes and avocados, for instance

These storage containers made from reusable plastic are perfect to keep your fridge more organized. Designed in the shape of the foods you can preserve in them, the containers will keep onions, tomatoes and avocados fresh and ready to eat for a longer period of time. Give ’em a try and you’ll be amazed, we guarantee!

(Half) avocado saver

So, you bought an avocado, but you only ate half of it. What are you going to do, throw the other half away because it will become brown in just a few minutes? Hell no! You can instead purchase this avocado container made of high-quality plastic material, safe, non-toxic, and durable.

The container is easy to open and has a tight seal, which will keep the avocado fresh for a longer time. It also saves space in your fridge. It is simple to use, it looks professional, and is very practical. Lightweight and compact, this avocado container is easy to carry whenever it’s necessary.

Bread box

Fresh bread is something we always want to enjoy and now this dream is possible, thanks to this modern bread box with a bamboo cutting board lid, a bright and lovely color, plus a mindful design. The non-airtight seal allows air to pass in order to prevent moisture and mold. The bamboo lid can be used as a cutting board to slice the bread (and other foods), saving you both space and time.

The box is large enough for a full loaf of bread or muffins and pastries, without occupying too much space on your kitchen countertops. As a bonus, it will give your kitchen a fresh, retro-chic vibe. The bread box is easy to clean, using just a cloth. Worth the money, right? That’s what we thought!

Herb saver

This container is ideal for storing precious herbs such as asparagus, cilantro, parsley, or rosemary. It can hold up to 1 or 3 bunches of these fresh herbs, keeping them hydrated at the same time, for extended periods of time. The slim design allows this kitchen gadget to be stored nicely in the refrigerator or on the countertops.

The herbs can rest in the internal basket. You can raise it or lower it when the lid is opened and closed. This allows for easy removal of the herbs and automatic draining when the basket is raised. It is detachable, for cleaning purposes, and the removable silicone plug allows you to drain water without removing the herbs, making it easy to fill and refill with water.

Condiment container

Look at how cute this ceramic spice jar container is! As an added benefit, it comes with ready-to-use spoons and removable wooden lids, to prevent the gathering of dust and moisture. You can load each small container with your favorite spices. The containers are wear-resistant and easy to clean.

They are extremely light and will not cause pollution, since the whole ensemble is made from a high-quality environmentally friendly material. This set of porcelain canisters suits different needs. The combination of bamboo lids, stand base and low bone porcelain spoons matches any decor.

Dry goods containers

Take a look at these storage containers with lids, created for preserving bulk stocks, such as sugar, grains, flour, coffee, or cereals. They are provided with stickers and chalk, to write on them. When you change the content, you can also change the name of the tag. The stickers are reusable.

The airtight lid allows food to preserve its taste and flavor for longer periods of time. The storage containers are made from BPA-free plastic, the material is durable, completely non-toxic, and does not emit any odors or absorb foreign smells. The containers can be washed with hot or cold water, with soap, or other common detergents for dishes.

Eggs storage containers

This egg storage organizer prevents rotten and broken eggs from happening. Each tray can fit 24 eggs at once, having enough room for all your egg-storing needs. You can stack these containers in cupboards or the refrigerator. You won’t be sorry for investing in them, especially during these long weeks of coronavirus lockdown!

Oil dispenser bottle

A ceramic oil dispenser bottle for storing your most beloved olive oil is built to bring you a safe and healthy cooking life. The rubber ring on the wooden lid prevents oil from leaking and makes the bottle easy to use. It has a capacity of 400 ml, so you won’t have to refill it often. The glamorous appearance makes it an excellent choice if you want to add more style to your kitchen.

We fell in love with every one of these accessories and we are sure you will too. So, if you want to put a stop to all the food waste you are making, these kitchen accessories are a good place to start. If you buy any or all of them, we thank you for the affiliate fee, and please don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

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