Load Them Up: Best Toppings for French Fries

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Load them Up: Best Toppings for French Fries

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Why keep your fries lonely on the plate when you could give them a friend to play with? We think you should try these great toppings for French fries and have a complete meal experience.

French fries are one of my favorite foods and I’ve never hidden that about myself. I mean, yeah, I know that they’re unhealthy and I shouldn’t overdo it with them. So I try to indulge in this as rarely as humanly possible. Because I am only human, you guys! That’s why, when I have this dish at home, either as a side dish or a main course, I try to make it special for myself, because I know I want to live my healthiest life at the moment.

But how to do this ‘special’ thing? Well, for me that usually means using some of these toppings for French fries. That way, I can put a twist on the experience, vastly make the flavors more layered and also enjoy myself as much as possible. Here are some of my ideas. This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list in any way, just some suggestions and starting points for you and your special meal with a side of fries.

5 toppings for French fries that are worth it!

1. Herbs and parmesan

A friend of mine who was working as a chef for various food trucks really made me addicted to these. Until I tasted some of his fries, I somehow had never had a satisfying version. The fries were soggy and the parmesan was suffocating them. So what’s the key? Moderation! Fry the potatoes and then grate the parmesan with salt, basil, thyme, and rosemary over them, but don’t drown them. Make sure they can still breathe under there. Oh, and eat them while they’re still hot.

2. Vinegar

This is a favorite in many parts of the world for a reason. The acidity in the vinegar tends to make the French fry flavor have a sharper tone. So why not have ‘chips’, as the Brits say? So I know what you might be thinking: which vinegar type, since there are plenty? At fish and chip stands, they usually go for malt vinegar or onion vinegar, sprinkled with salt over the fries, as the final note of the dish. But you can use whatever vinegar type makes you happy or have on hand.

3. Hot sauce

I used to have a lot of fries with BBQ sauce, but let’s face it! That only adds a lot of sugar to a dish that’s already loaded with carbs and a lot of salt. So go instead for hot sauce. The spiciness in it is so much healthier than the sweetness. But maybe try to make your own hot sauce, because the processed one you find in supermarkets might be loaded with additives.

Load them Up: Best Toppings for French Fries
Sometimes, it’s better not to choose just one sauce. Why not have multiple ones with your fries? 

4. Mayonnaise

I really hope nobody is going to pelt me with tomatoes over this, but I love mayo, maybe a little bit too much. It seems a bit European, go figure, but I like to use this emulsion as a base for different types of dips. Have you ever tried adding a bit of soy sauce to your mayo? It gives it an extra punch, flavor-wise. And then you can also go for some herbs, to layer in your experience even further. But I don’t expect you to like everything that I like, so if this mixture of fatty oil and fatty egg is not your cup of tea, let’s move on to the next item on the list.

5. Cheese sauce

Just thinking about a nice melty and cheesy sauce is making my mouth water right now. This is one of the premium toppings for French fries that I enjoy. It makes me want to order a dish right now and then just stare at my fry as I dunk it in the sauce. Thanks to the consistency of the cheese, that gesture is one of the most appealing things to ever look at. Yeah, that also includes TV shows and museum art. I call this the art of cheesy sauce.

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