Creamy Tomato Soup With Veggie Skewers

This soup may be simple once you try it, but served in a tall margarita glass, with some colorful veggie skewers, it sure delivers a more sophisticated approach.

Chicken, Spinach and Bean Soup

With its plenty of protein within, this soup is warm, tasty, and perfect to make on a weekend afternoon. It’s got chicken, spinach, beans, and lots of spices. Plus, if you want to make it extra savory, thicken it with a touch of heavy cream.

Creamy Potato and Asparagus Soup

Asparagus is usually used as a classy side for steaks, but today we recommend you try it in a creamy soup. This one doesn’t have any heavy cream, instead, its creaminess is given by the potato. You can serve it with horseradish sauce and croutons.

Chicken Soup

Never made soup before? Well, here is one as easy as they come. It’s a simple chicken soup, that can be ready in under half an hour. And it doesn’t use that many ingredient either. So, if you want to test your skills with a simple recipe at first, this is the one you should go for!

shrimp soup recipes

Creamy Shrimp and Potato Soup

Both hearty and classy, this creamy soup has shrimp as its star ingredient. How can we describe it? Words like fresh and delicious instantly come to our mind. It’s made with potato, corn, a little bit of chili, and thickened with a touch of heavy cream. You can make it in about half an hour and it brings a certain Mexican vibe that you will surely love.

Chicken and Vegetable Soup

What’s better to remind you of your childhood than a warm bowl of chicken soup? Give it flavor by adding lots of veggies to it, and it will surely bring you back all those wonderful memories from back when you were just a little kid!

Creamy Potato Soup With Chicken Chunks

Chicken and potatoes combine together very well, in this simple, yet delicious soup. Cooking it is very simple, so even if you’re not that experienced in making soups, it shouldn’t be a big deal for you. As a tip, we recommend serving it with a fried baguette, topped with caramelized onion and turn it into a dish worthy of a classy restaurant!

Creamy White Radish Soup

Also known as daikon, white radish primarily grows in East Asia. Its taste is milder than the sharp flavor of the common radish. It also has a lot of health benefits, including compounds which prevent certain types of cancer, boosting the immune system and detoxifying the body. We recommend serving it in a soup, next to some onion, garlic and tomato sauce!

Creamy Broccoli Soup

Sure, there are people that do not enjoy broccoli, but it’s hard to deny its wondrous health benefits. And if you serve it in this rich and elegant soup, broccoli becomes something you have to try. As a tip, it works great and is much more savory with a touch of heavy cream on top!

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