Carbonara Fries: Made Reality by McDonald’s

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You’ve probably had French fries and you’ve probably had spaghetti Carbonara. But have you ever had a so-crazy-it-might-just-work mix of the two? This is where McDonald’s Japan comes in, with their Carbonara fries.

It seems like all of the strange and (maybe?) delightful meal combos have already been invented or are about to. We sort of covered stuff like blood and insect Halloween ice-cream and hot chicken wing and wasabi Oreos. What will they think up next, we might ask? Well, McDonald’s has its answers and to be honest, I am super into it.

Pasta Carbonara and spaghetti Carbonara are some of my all-time favorites, definitely the pasta sauce I prefer and make for myself any given day. And my love for French fries has been thoroughly documented on this very website, multiple times. To combine the powers of the two… I stand to wonder: Why have I not thought of this yet?

What’s in the Carbonara fries sauce?

The answer to that question might be: I’m not Japanese. I really admire them for always being so bold and trying to mix new things. And of course, it’s partially just a bit of clever marketing: the sauce served over the crispy and salty fries isn’t really the traditional Carbonara recipe, but it’s close enough. This one is a three-cheese pouring sauce that has some smoky bacon bits, salt, and black pepper.

Be careful there! It does sound like a very high sodium meal to have, what with the fries and the bacon (which is salty to start with) and the extra salt in the sauce. So maybe share the serving with someone, so that you don’t overdose on the sodium? That will make for a very cost-effective meal since the price is about $3.50.

The Carbonara fries is not the first time McDonald’s Japan has been inspired by pasta sauces to make French fry toppings. This February, they launched a ‘Cheese Bolognese’ sauce for fries.

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