The Perfect Brunch Calls for Just These 8 Steps

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How to Make the Perfect Brunch and Be Relaxed Every Time.

If you want to organize a perfect brunch at home, remember that you’re not Martha Stewart nor Jamie Oliver. And nobody expects you to be! So, don’t stress out. Everything will work out just fine if you follow at least some of these rules.

Usually, I wake up early even during the weekends. When I’m not leaving the city for a hike in the mountains or to visit my parents in the countryside, I like to get out of the house before 10 AM. On Saturdays, I usually go to meet my friends, have a coffee, walk around, or do some shopping. At noon, I feel starved so I walk into a bistro and have brunch. On Sundays, things are a little different. If I stay up late with my friends, I might wake up at about 10 AM or later, make a coffee and read a book for about an hour or so. Then, I make a quick brunch. If I don’t spend my Saturday night in a club, I like to have a few friends over for a nice and relaxing brunch. Did I just say relaxing? Yes! Because a perfect brunch should be a relaxed experience for those who make it too!

The rules of brunch

Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch usually served during on a late morning. It can also be extended to as late as 3 p.m. Brunch originated in England in the late 19th century and became popular in the United States in the 1930s.

Nowadays, there are plenty of small restaurants that have brunch offers. But I think the perfect brunch is the one you make at home or have in a park. But putting together a brunch can be stressful if you’re a beginner (or if you’re usually anxious about having guests and you fear it won’t be 100 percent perfect). Here’s the first tip for you: the perfect brunch doesn’t have to be perfect for everybody! It should be a nice meeting with snacks and drinks for you and your friends! Easy like a Sunday morning!

The perfect brunch is the one you make for your friends.

How to make the perfect brunch at home

Step 1: Make as much as you can in advance

You don’t want to spend the whole morning in the kitchen, so give up on the idea of making pancakes when your friends arrive. What’s the point of a perfect brunch if not spending time with your friends?

To do that, prepare all you can the night before. Cooking Saturday evening can be fun! Pour a glass of wine, turn on the music, and enjoy! Choose to be relaxed instead of stressed out.

Step 2: Make smart choices when it comes to food

Let’s say you want a main dish made of eggs. And it’s a really good idea! But don’t choose dishes like scrambled eggs, sunny-side-up eggs, or omelet. All these things need to be eaten right after you make them, and at a brunch, this means the host (I mean you!) will cook instead of having fun!

Instead, make a frittata or a quiche, sour and sweet muffins, or banana bread. All of these can be made ahead. A perfect brunch with your friends can be quite simple. Buy some fancy breads and one or two jars of jam the day before, and make some dips and compound butter in the evening. You may also want some salads, olives, nuts, crostini, croissants, or fresh fruit. And don’t forget the drinks.

Making a quiche is one of the best ideas for a brunch main course.

Step 3: Choose drinks that you can make in advance

As I was saying. Drinks. They’re important! It’s so nice to sip some Prosecco or a Bloody Mary at noon! Know your guests and buy or prepare what you all like! Want fresh juice? Squeeze those oranges in the evening, keep the OJ fresh in the refrigerator, and in the morning, shake the bottle before pouring it in a gorgeous carafe! You can also make lemonade or flavored water. That’s the way you’ll have plenty of time in the morning for making coffee. No stress!

Step 4: No brunch without eggs

As I was saying, you should find a great egg dish that can be made the night before. I like quiche or frittata because they’re easy to make. But if you don’t feel like I do, you can make a meat or fish pie. Serve it as the main course. You can add cheese, meat, or greens, like baby spinach.

Step 5: Set the table the night before

So, it’s Saturday night, the music is on and you just popped your quiche in the oven. What can you do to make it even easier on yourself? Set the table for the next day!

The easiest brunch setup is buffet-style. Everybody can take whatever food they enjoy and put it on their own plates, and you won’t have to serve them! They’ll be happy, and you’ll be relaxed! It’s a win-win situation! Set everything you’re going to need on the table. (But keep an eye on the oven!) When you’re almost ready, set some fresh flowers on the table!

If you want to impress your guests, pay attention to your plates and napkins!

Step 6: Cool accessories

If you’re like me, you’re almost obsessed with details. I like things to look nice and pretty. So, if you want to impress your guests and make a perfect brunch, pay attention to your plates and napkins! When you’re a ‘brunching’ beginner, it’s normal to miss some things. But, in time, you’ll create a whole arsenal of beautiful glasses, carafes, coffee mugs, salad spoons and bowls, large platters, small plates, table napkins, and cutlery.

Step 7: But some things must be done in the morning

As well as coffee and tea, bacon should be warm when you serve it. But that’s not a big deal! Make big batches of bacon on baking sheets in the oven. It’s not a big effort! Just put them in the oven for a few minutes before everyone arrives. The smell will turn up their appetite!

Step 8: Feel good and spend time with your friends!

Wake up in the morning, open the window and let the fresh air come in. Take a shower, put on a nice dress and – if you want – some casual makeup. Check off the last details on the list. Put the bacon in the oven and prepare the coffee. Place the quiche and dips on the table, slice the bread. Smile. Relax. Take it easy.

The point of a perfect brunch is to spend time with friends! Food is important but comes second place. If you need help, ask your friends! They’ll be happy to do it!

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