Garnish Deviled Eggs: Ideas for Every Day of the Week

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Garnish Deviled Eggs: Ideas for Every Day of the Week

Is there anyone who doesn’t love deviled eggs? They’re tasty, pretty easy to make and quite a sight when nicely arranged on a platter. They’re fun, colorful and joyous. But if you’ve grown tired of the basic recipe, why not try some new ways to garnish deviled eggs?

Deviled eggs are the one appetizer my grandma makes just for me on special occasions. Sure, my loved ones eat them too during celebrations, but not if I can help it. Call me selfish, but I want them all to myself. I throw caution to the wind – I don’t care about cholesterol in those moments, especially since I don’t overdo it many times a year. And I find myself stuffing them in my mouth with glee, smiling like a maniac.

Making them is not a very complicated process, and the rewards are the wonderful flavor, texture, and feeling of being satisfied after just the appetizer course. Then, my grandma and mother can be upset with me for not having too much of the other courses.

Garnish Deviled Eggs: Ideas for Every Day of the Week
Even 1-2 new ingredients to the egg mix, like radish and chives, layer the texture and flavors.

7 ideas to garnish deviled eggs

1. Bacon and eggs

What goes well with eggs? Of course, it’s bacon. What else? Some cheese, especially of the blue persuasion. So, fry some bacon bits in a wok, add them to the yolk mix and enjoy the meaty goodness this idea to garnish deviled eggs has to offer. Top with spring onion and you have a world of flavor opening up in front of you.

Garnish Deviled Eggs: Ideas for Every Day of the Week
Add some fried bits of bacon to your deviled eggs mixture and enjoy.

2. Paprika eureka!

I started with my favorite and now I continue with others’ favorite when it comes to ways to garnish deviled eggs. Paprika. Just a sprinkle of this wonderful ground spice and the flavor is multi-layered. You can also top the deviled egg with a slice of radish and add the chives as well. Your guests will thank you.

3. The fishy version

For a more sophisticated version of the classic deviled egg, go for the salmon-capers combo. Capers go really well with fish courses. And also squeeze some lemon juice into the yolk mixture. The juice goes great with salmon as well. How to do it? Finely chop the salmon and add it to the yolks. Add the capers on top. 3-4 should do for each half an egg.

Garnish Deviled Eggs: Ideas for Every Day of the Week
Some salmon strips can only bring more texture to your deviled eggs.

4. My big fat Greek deviled eggs

Feta and oregano are staples of Greek cooking, so you should definitely use them to garnish deviled eggs. Mash the feta into the yolk mixture or cut it into little bits and blend it in. Add some dried oregano to the mix as well. If you have fresh oregano, please use it instead, but I know that not many of us have access to it all year round.

5. Deviled eggs Italiano

For an Italian feel, choose ingredients that made famous by that part of Mediterranean cooking: green olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and parsley. Buy olives without pits or already sliced. Press them gently into the yolk filling. Cut the sun-dried tomatoes julienne-style and add them as a topping. Add one or two parsley leaves and you’re good to go.

Garnish Deviled Eggs: Ideas for Every Day of the Week
Adding some green olives and parsley to your deviled eggs takes them to the Mediterranean.

6. Spice up your eggs!

This deviled egg option is all about hotness and spiciness. Choose your favorite spices and go wild. For instance, my mom can stand a huge level of spiciness, while I whimper at the thought of touching a jalapeno. I do love some spiciness in tiny doses. So, I recommend you add as much fire as you know you can stand. Garnish the deviled eggs with some jalapeno spices or chili flakes.

7. Tuna paste

Hear me out here. Tuna paste has the perfect consistency to be filling for a deviled egg. My idea (or my aunt’s formula) is to use the yolks and make a separate dip. And then fill the egg whites with the tuna paste, maybe add some pickle bits to the mix. Try! Live a little!

Garnish Deviled Eggs: Ideas for Every Day of the Week
Stuff the egg whites with some tuna paste if you’re looking for a change.

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