Cooking Eggs: The Complete, So Delicious Guide

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Cooking Eggs: The Complete, So Delicious Guide

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Is there a season more egg-oriented than spring and especially the time around Easter? We think not! It’s when you buy plenty of eggs to dye, and use them in so many delicious dishes. That’s why we thought you might want to have plenty of resources at your disposal, gathered in one place. Here’s the complete guide to cooking eggs! 

If you read any of my egg articles, you’ll definitely begin to see a pattern there. And that pattern is: I love eggs, in any shape or form. I like them fried sunny-side up, nicely and evenly scrambled, boiled, sometimes hard and sometimes soft, I love them with the perfectly cooked topping as an omelet or frittata. Not to mention that deviled eggs are the food my grandmother usually cooks for me on my birthday (I am super grateful to grandma for that).

Cooking Eggs: The Complete, So Delicious Guide
If you fry the eggs in bacon grease, their flavor will be even more phenomenal.

Cooking eggs: pick a how and just do it

1. How to fry an egg

The sunny side up fried egg is so easy to make and it’s honestly one of my favorite foods. But just because it’s easy to make, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t use some step by step tips to fulfill the task. There are many twists and turns where it could go wrong. You could overcook it or just the yolk. Or you could use the wrong pan and then scrape it off the bottom of that pan.

We cover every eventuality here and once you do the process right, you’ll have a breakfast (or even dinner, why not) in just a few minutes.

2. How to boil eggs to perfection

This process is already a bit more complicated. Because first, you have to decide if you want your eggs hardboiled, softboiled or in between-boiled. And then, you have to follow some steps to make sure the eggs turn out according to your needs. Cooking eggs is already a simpler task. We have some tips and tricks for you, just follow this link. And here are some recipes you might need, that use awesomely boiled eggs.

Cooking Eggs: The Complete, So Delicious Guide
Soft-boiled eggs are not that hard to make if you follow our tips and tricks.

3. How to poach an egg

You might not like the fat involved in frying an egg in the skillet, the added calories and the risks to your health involved in the process! There’s a solution: you can learn how to poach an egg, so you can get the most of its nutrients! Poached eggs are just as easy to make as sunny side up eggs, once you get the hang of the process. And you don’t even need all the fancy kitchen gadgets designed for this task. You can use basic kitchen equipment.

What will you do with your poached eggs? We have some recipes for you! And here’s how you can make them sous vide style.

4. Deliver great omelets to your table

Omelets are such a rich and nutritious meal, not to mention pretty tasty. The eggs act as a connector with the toppings of your dreams. Making an omelet can be a bit complicated, but that’s where these tips and tricks come in. Try them and you won’t be sorry. And then put what you’ve learned to the test by making these omelet recipes.

Cooking Eggs: The Complete, So Delicious Guide
Make your omelet with your favorite ingredients. We just tell you how to prepare it.

Resources for cooking eggs

You know, chicken eggs aren’t the only eggs on the planet. We know that the other types aren’t as frequent to come by, but you have access to them, why not give them a go? Here is a guide to understanding egg types and what to do with them.

Creme brulee, frittata, scrambled eggs, and egg salad. These are just some of the dishes you could make cooking eggs. It’s a simple ingredient, but through the process, it definitely becomes a superstar.

What if your recipe calls for separated egg whites and yolks? It is a process that has a learning curve and requires experience, so get into the groove by reading our guide and watching our how to video here.

Easter is almost upon us, and we know you want to dye your eggs without buying expensive and possibly toxic paint from the store. That’s why we tell you what natural egg dyes, made with accessible ingredients, you can use in your own kitchen.

Are you making my favorite finger food, deviled eggs? Then consider switching things up a little by using different toppings. We have plenty of ideas for you, one for every day of the week. We know that your appetite will be whet just by reading this article.

If you’ve bought too many eggs for Easter or for any other event, and you’re feeling kind of bored with having boiled eggs, then rejoice! We have some suggestions on what you can cook when you have too many eggs in your fridge.

BONUS: If you’re trying to cut down on egg consumption (which is something we recommend after the excess during Easter), then why not make some baked goods without eggs? Here is a guide to successful egg substitutes in baking.

Cooking Eggs: The Complete, So Delicious Guide
Make a frittata after Easter, with your leftover eggs and other ingredients you find in the fridge.

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