The Sweet Tooth Challenge: What to Eat if You Want to Quit Sugar!

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Sugar addiction is one of the most common and maybe under-represented addictions today. We all suffer from it one way or another. But in order to be healthier, your sweet tooth must be defeated! Here are some things you can eat if you want to quit sugar and never look back.

Sometimes, our vices are socially accepted. Like having a candy bar during a very stressful day or drinking the sweetest coffee known to man during a work meeting. But this type of craving isn’t something natural. It’s just the body’s way of asking for a high after a low. See, the problem with that is after the sugar rush comes the low when you feel even worse than before gorging on a big piece of chocolate cake. So here are some ideas of what to eat in order to quit sugar!

First of all, you should keep a food diary and try to understand when the sugar craving sets in and how much it’s just a habit that you overlook and don’t think too much of.

7 things to eat if you want to quit sugar


Yes, they do contain some natural sugar, but they’re also rich in fiber and potassium. Just eat them as a snack instead of choosing ice-cream or chocolate. If you get tired of eating them as is, you can also use them to replace sugar in some desserts. Just remember to use very ripe bananas.

The Sweet Tooth Challenge: What to Eat If You Want to Quit Sugar
Bananas can be added to smoothies for richness of texture and sweetness


They are very sweet and have a rich flavor, so you should keep some on hand for whenever the cravings attack. You can try other dried fruit too, but dates are great because if you ground them, they can be used as sugar in baked goods.

3.Coconut oil

It’s a bit sweet and it also gives you a lot of energy, thanks to the triglycerides it contains. It’s fat but healthy fat, so you can use it – moderately – to bring out the flavor in your lunch or snacks.

4.Sweet Potatoes

The name says it all! This vegetable can be a pretty sweet snack. Also, sweet potatoes are high in fiber, Vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese, copper, pantothenic acid and vitamin B6, which means that when you eat them, they’re going to keep you satisfied for a long time. Maybe try to slice them and cook them in coconut oil, for extra flavor.

The Sweet Tooth Challenge: What to Eat If You Want to Quit Sugar - Sweet Potato
Sweet potatoes bring the sweetness on in any form: mashed, fried, or roasted


If you eat them, you will feel full for a longer time and the temptation to have a mid-afternoon snack will be reduced. Make some simple and straightforward avocado toast and bring it with you to work! It’s a much better option than a cupcake!


Fermented vegetables like sauerkraut are the Luke Skywalker of your microbiome: they bring balance to The Gut! Because they contain probiotics – the good type of bacteria, which are a natural shield that your gut needs. You can also try yogurt or kefir, which work on fermentation also!

The Sweet Tooth Challenge: What to Eat If You Want to Quit Sugar
Sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables bring balance to your gut

7.Leafy greens

Seems like a blasphemy, right? Replacing candy with kale, spinach, or collards is a good idea though. They make you feel lighter and don’t give you an intense amount of energy after which you crash. They lift up your spirits – maybe even levitate them a little.

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