Eating Wild Rice Benefits Your Heart, Mind, and Life

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White rice may have a head start when it comes to presence in so many households around the world, but the other types of rice are catching up. Brown rice, black and wild rice deserve more because they offer more. And wild rice benefits are definitely something to write home about.

I have spent most of my adult life only having white rice dishes, at home and school, not to mention restaurants or take out places. All that time I never stopped to think that there could be something more out there when it came to rice. Until I heard about the wild rice benefits and the ways this type could improve my life.

Some of the most important wild rice benefits include the ability to improve the health of your heart. It stimulates tissue repair and growth in your body. It stops aging in its tracks and protects against chronic diseases. And so much more. Wild rice is good for the heart, mind, and even soul. If you feel healthy, your outlook on life improves too.

Wild rice actually describes four different species of grass and their grain, three of them native in North America and one from Asia. How does it look like? It has a chewy outer sheath with a very nutritious grain inside. It was considered sacred by Native Americans.

Eating Wild Rice Benefits Your Heart, Mind, and Life
Wild rice actually describes some types in North America and one in Asia.

5 wild rice benefits to take advantage of

1. Helps with digestion

Wild rice has a high content of magnesium, which helps with your regularity, but also with that part of your nervous system located in your digestive tract. There’s also plenty of fiber to be found there, more than in its “competition”, black and brown rice. But not too much, so that it causes digestive discomfort. It has 12 grams of fiber per cup, or 3 grams per serving (a quarter of a cup). That’s more than oats and quinoa.

2. It works for gluten-free diets

If you have celiac disease or are simply gluten intolerant, you may have some problems consuming regular rice, including brown rice and black rice, the healthier varieties. But you will find that wild rice is quite tolerable, especially since it’s not exactly a grain. It looks like one, but it’s considered an aquatic grain. In Asia, varieties of wild rice are consumed as vegetables.

Eating Wild Rice Benefits Your Heart, Mind, and Life
If you’re on a gluten-free diet, you can safely add wild rice to your grocery list.

3. So much protein

As I’ve said before, wild rice is a grass, which means that it’s richer in protein than other types of rice. One serving of wild rice is a quarter of a cup uncooked and half a cup cooked. And there are 5 grams of protein per wild rice serving.

4. Loaded with nutrients

There are plenty of amino acids in wild rice and also Vitamin B6, which helps you gain an energy boost. And who doesn’t need that, right? Other nutrients found in wild rice are folate, manganese, zinc, and iron. Its very high content of antioxidants, 30 times more than in white rice, ensure your beauty too. These antioxidants make your skin glow, keep your heart healthy and your weight stable.

5. Anti-inflammatory properties 

Here we go: wild rice also has anti-inflammatory properties, which means so much for so many possible health conditions. That’s thanks to it alkaline-forming properties. Alkaline foods treat and prevent inflammation and a lot of health issues associated with that.

Eating Wild Rice Benefits Your Heart, Mind, and Life
Cooked wild rice is nutritious and you can pair it with ingredients like shrimp.

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