QUIZ: Are You Really Into Potatoes?

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There is such an unexpected variety in the world of potatoes. Thousands of cultivars belong to Solanum tuberosum, the main species, belonging to a family of 7 or 8 other potato species, and the one that conquered the entire world. Virtually everyone on the planet eats varieties of tuberosum. But how much do you know about our everyday spuds? Give this quiz a try.


#1. Recently, cultivated potato’s (single) origin has been demonstrated. Where exactly in Latin America is it?

#2. Some varieties of potatoes in the Andes are toxic, therefore the locals eat them by dunking in a gravy based on...

#3. Have you any ideea what "chuño" is?

#4. In the 1840s Ireland was struck by the Irish Potato Famine which caused a dramatic increase in emigration from Ireland to America. Back then the potato crops were destroyed by the...

#5. The multinational fast-food chain McDonald's favors this potato cultivar:

#6. If we were to classify the potatoes by their main color we would get...

#7. „New potatoes” are...

#8. And now How to Plant Potatoes 101:

#9. And do you know how potatoes get harvested?

#10. A typical potato is rich în carbs, vitamin C, B6, and Potassium to name a few. Besides, the purple ones are up to 10 times richer then the others în anthocyanins, which are...


Did we whet your appetite? Check our recipes with potatoes. We have a lot of them!

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