What to Make With Different Types of Beans?

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What to Make with Different Types of Beans?

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Not all beans are created equally. Some thrive when cooked in a certain way, others might just go the opposite route. But we’re telling you right now how and what to cook with different types of beans.

We’ve talked before about ‘The Beaning of life’ and there have been many bean meals and many bad food-related puns in my life ever since then. But I’m back with a vengeance! Or no, more like I’m back with just some extra information on what you can cook with these beauties. As many types of them as possible.

Like I’ve said before, beans are very nourishing and loaded with nutrients as part of the larger family known as ‘pulses’, along with peas and lentils. They’re so good and actually a sustainable food source, that the world’s leading food experts have dubbed as a way to ‘solve world hunger’. This is actually one of those very urgent issues that plague the planet, so we’re glad to see there are solutions after all.

You have nothing to fear if you’re cooking different types of beans, they will keep you satiated for longer and they can be prepared in so many ways that you have almost infinite options, no matter where you are in the world.

What to Make with Different Types of Beans?
All types of pulses are some of the most nutritious foods in the world.

Ways of cooking different types of beans

1. A bean salad

If you’re a fan of beans, then why not just combine them all into a delicious and tasty dish that blends all of their respective flavors and textures? A big old heap of different types of beans sounds like heaven to me. Add some additional flavor as well, like garlic, fresh herbs, and then enjoy the magic!

2. Soup with Great Northern beans

Because Great Northern beans have a lighter density and a nuttier flavor, they’re perfect to make soups and purées. So, rinse them first, add them to a saucepan, cover with water, sprinkle some salt and bring to a boil. After the water boils, add the lid and simmer for about an hour to let them get even more tender. Then make a delicious hearty soup with them and enjoy!

3. Black beans and combos

Thanks to their creamy texture and mild taste, black beans go excellent with some corn or rice. You can also cook them gently and then make a salad with avocado or add some lovely chorizo to the proceedings. The spiciness of the chorizo will make the black beans stand out.

What to Make with Different Types of Beans?
Thanks to their creamy texture and mild taste, black beans go excellent with some corn or rice.

4. Fava beans – make a salad

Peel them thoroughly – that’s the annoying thing about this delicious type of beans. After that, you can add them with ease to a fresh salad, where they will shine next to leafy greens and some juicy tomato. Or another option for fava beans is to cook them next to some asparagus. The flavors will complement each other.

5. Cannelinni beans work with fish

Add them to vegetable soups, including minestrone, they go well with tuna meat, red onion, and parmesan cheese, so you can make a salad with them. During the winter, turn them into a casserole by stewing them in tomato juice.

6. Black-eyed peas can be fried

In Egypt, they’re cooked with onions, garlic, meat, and tomato juice and served with Egyptian rice. In West Africa and the Caribbean, they are the basis for a traditional dish called akara, made with mashed black-eyed peas with salt, onions, and peppers. The mixture is then fried.

7. Kidney beans are chilling

And by chilling, I mean to say that you should most definitely add them to a nice chili. They bring excellent texture to your fully-realized dish. Other than that, you can add make some curry, add them to tacos, rice, or you can mash them to make a deliciously smooth dip.

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