Food Prince Charles Loves: A Foodie’s Menu at His 70th Birthday

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Food Prince Charles Loves: A Foodie’s Menu at His 70th Birthday

Have you ever been curious about what royalty eats? Discover right now what food Prince Charles loves, after seven decades of living and eating the best.  

I’m not really sure where the fascination for the royal family of Great Britain comes from, but what I do know is that I’ve been personally ‘infected’ with the bug. And since I work for a food website, my fascination with the royals works more in the direction of: ‘what the heck do they eat?’ That’s why I cackle with glee every time I find information about their diets and favorite items on the menu. I’ve already covered what Queen Elizabeth II likes to have on her plate, but also how Meghan Markle’s diet works. And if you still want more of this, then check out how the two different royal people, the Queen and the Duchess, view menus differently.

And now, we’re here, for the royal food news of the day: Prince Charles talked to Country Life magazine about what he likes to eat and how he customizes some classic recipes. And I have to say: I am pleasantly surprised. I love it when people experiment with their food. Of course, if I were a royal, I would probably try the weirdest things imaginable, all over the world. So make no mistake, having such a special menu is a sign of his privilege.

Food Prince Charles Loves: A Foodie’s Menu at His 70th Birthday
Of course, the prince really loves his tea. Which one and how does he take it? Read on!

4 things you didn’t know about food Prince Charles loves

1. He loves groussaka

This is a version of Greek moussaka cooked with grouse – which is, yeah, a kind of bird you can hunt, in case you didn’t know your Brit aristocracy trivia. In this dish, grouse meat replaces the already famous lamb. He also talks about another grouse recipe. “I invented a grouse one recently, coq au vin with grouse, as well as moussaka with grouse. It doesn’t always have to be lamb – in other words, groussaka!”

2. He loves pheasant crumble pie

Yeah, we’re beginning to see a pattern here. Prince Charles has a fondness for cooking things you can shoot at during a hunt, while on horses and accompanied by hounds. According to the magazine editorial, pheasant crumble pie is one of his favorites. “I got this recipe from someone I know. It is delicious,” he said.

3. No lunch

Isn’t this strange? While us mere mortals cannot wait for lunch at work to come so that we can enter that sweet food coma feeling at 3 pm, Prince Charles has no lunch and blatantly favors the other meals of the day.

4. He has a favorite tea

You surely must have known this would come up, right? What kind of sacrilege would it be for a member of the royal family if they didn’t consume tea on a regular basis and also have a favorite ‘cuppa’, as they say?  Well, I’m sure the suspense is killing you, so I’m not going to keep you hanging any longer. When the prince has tea, he prefers a nice cup of Darjeeling with honey and milk. You’re welcome. Now you know!

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