Sweet Potato, Cranberry, and Pecan Crisp

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • 45 minutes
  • 4 servings

Top this seasonal dessert with a crumbly mixture of butter, flour, and brown sugar. This way, the topping is a crispy contrast to the smooth sweet potato and the slightly chewy cranberries. This gives the overall sweet and slightly spicy dish an unforgettable overall feel.

Ingredients Needed for Sweet Potato, Cranberry, and Pecan Crisp

    For the crumble:

    2 ounces of butter
    1 cup flour
    ¼ cup brown sugar

    For the casserole:

    2 medium sweet potatoes, cubed
    3 ounces of dried cranberry
    2 ounces of pecan nut
    1-inch ginger, diced
    2 tablespoons of agave syrup
    1 tablespoon vanilla extract
    ½ cup orange juice
    2 tablespoons of cinnamon

How to Make Sweet Potato, Cranberry, and Pecan Crisp

  1. For the crumble:
    Add the butter and 2/3 of the flour to a bowl and start kneading.
  2. Add the brown sugar and the remaining flour, in the process. Knead until you have a crumbly dough. Set it aside.
  3. Add the sweet potatoes, dried cranberries, pecans, ginger, agave syrup, vanilla extract, orange juice, and cinnamon to a medium baking dish.
  4. Sprinkle the crumble on top. Bake for 30 minutes at 400⁰F/200⁰C.

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