Matcha Fever: 5 Reasons Why Everyone’s Drinking This Green Tea

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The world has caught the matcha green tea fever. This green tea is fast becoming the first hot drink of choice for many around the globe due to its natural taste and numerous health benefits. So what exactly is matcha green tea? Let’s find out!

Matcha is a fine powder that comes from grinding premium Japanese green tea leaves. This means that drinking a cup of matcha is like consuming an entire tea leaf, a far cry from your typical tea bag in hot water. As a matter of fact, one cup of matcha has a whopping 137x more antioxidants than your common store-bought green tea!

To discover the top 5 reasons why drinking matcha daily will do wonders for your health, read on:

1. Matcha Green Tea is a Natural Energy and Focus Booster

Finding yourself low on energy? Matcha might just do the trick for you.

A daily cup of matcha can give you an energy boost of 4 to 6 hours, but without the same jittery effect that coffee has. This is because matcha only contains a tenth of coffee’s caffeine content, but that’s actually all your body needs in this case. That’s because matcha also has amino acids, which help moderate your body’s absorption of caffeine. So instead of a sharp spike and inevitable slump, you get a sustained supply of energy throughout the day.

Matcha also happens to be good for memory, mood, and concentration, being a natural source of L-theanine. Studies have even shown that those who drink matcha have become less forgetful, are able to focus better, and find themselves feeling an improved sense of well-being.

Matcha Green Tea Latte
A daily cup of matcha green tea latte is a healthier alternative to coffee, promising a boost in energy.

2. Matcha Can Help You Lose Weight

If you’ve been struggling with weight loss or maintenance, then matcha might be a healthy option for you to add to your diet. It’s 100% natural, sugar-free, calorie-free, and has been proven to improve metabolism.

Studies have also shown that matcha helps you burn energy and fat at a faster rate, with its antioxidant content limiting the fat your body can absorb. Moreover, these antioxidants also keep your hormone Leptin in check, reducing those late-night food cravings.

3. Matcha is Packed with Antioxidants that Fight Off Disease

While we get plenty of antioxidants from living healthy, our bodies need so much more of them to keep diseases at bay. Lucky for us, matcha happens to be the single best source of antioxidants among all-natural products. It has 137x the antioxidant content of ordinary green tea and contains the disease-busting antioxidant EGCg.

EGCg has been directly linked to helping fight off free radicals, which can lead to cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

If you’ve done your homework and have read about how your body needs an antioxidant booster, then you’ll understand why more and more people have been making a habit out of drinking matcha.

4. Matcha Provides an Anti-Inflammatory Immunity Shield

It’s time to say goodbye to the common cold. Matcha can be the immunity shield that will keep you healthy all year long. Matcha also does wonders to reduce inflammation, whether you’re nursing some bruising, arthritis-related pains, or just minor aches from day-to-day activity.

Matcha’s also packed with flavonoids – antioxidants with antibacterial properties. These keep away bad breath and fight off bacteria that cause the flu, sore throat, and other infections such as mouth ulcers.

Green Tea Matcha Icecream
Matcha ice cream is already a very popular dessert.

5. Matcha Offers Protection Against Heart Disease

One of the most notorious killers in the world today is heart disease, but the good news is that we can do something about it. Think prevention, not cure.

One of the primary causes of heart disease? Clogged arteries or Atherosclerosis. The EGCg antioxidant that matcha contains is known to be effective in reducing the inflammation within arteries, in turn preventing cholesterol buildup on arterial walls. This means lower blood pressure, too.

It’s crazy how something so simple as a daily cup of matcha can be a difference-maker to a worldwide problem like heart disease. Why take your chances, right?

In Conclusion:

Making the move to matcha offers a wide range of health benefits, including being a natural energy-booster, a weight-loss helper, and a disease-fighter.

How to incorporate matcha green tea in your diet

All it takes is half a teaspoon a day. Mix it in hot water, or maybe even with milk, Aloha protein powder, or almond milk and banana if you want to experiment making a smoothie. As long as you use premium-quality matcha powder from Japan, you should be guaranteed all the mentioned health benefits.

Ready to catch the matcha fever? Give your body that antioxidant boost today and enjoy the long-term benefits of better health!

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