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Keto-Friendly Cereal Is a Thing Now. Do You Need It?

Your breakfast just got way more colorful thanks to the addition to the market of keto-friendly cereal, that goes well with your keto diet. Which means they’re low-carb and high in protein, according to how the diet works

Magic spoon cereal has about 12 grams of protein and only 3 grams of carbs, according to the packaging, a far cry from your usual bowl of cereal and milk. It has launched on a market that has been in decline lately, probably because people are wising up to the fact that cereals are full of sugar and other additives and artificial flavoring.

Still, cereal is still a good breakfast option (but maybe go for muesli?) because it’s relatively cheap, it’s sweet and not to mention easy to make. Just add milk. Whether you add the milk first and then the cereal, or do it the other way around (I’m not looking to start a preference war out there anyway), it’s waaay easier than pie.

Keto-friendly cereal to tap into the market

Since even healthier brands of cereal are made from grains and are therefore loaded with carbs (between 17 and 38 grams per serving), they’re not good for the ketogenic diet which limits your carb intake to about 20-50 grams every day.

Magic Spoon co-founders Greg Sewitz and Gabi Lewis wanted to give keto-friendly cereal to people who miss having a cold bowl every day and they spoke to Vox about it. “As we were thinking through the world of food products, there really aren’t many that people who have a true emotional connection to and history with in the way that they do with cereal,” said Sewitz. “You talk to somebody about their favorite cereal and their eyes just light up immediately, and they think back to the pantry they had when they were a kid.”

Featured image by Magic Spoon/ Instagram

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