Keto-Friendly Drinks to Have if You’re on That Diet

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Keto-Friendly Drinks to Have If You're on That Diet

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So, you found out that the hottest diet in town is Keto, right? Everybody is talking about it, especially at our headquarters’ watercooler. This question came up recently: what are some Keto-friendly drinks that you can enjoy without breaking your diet?

If you just tuned in to the idea of a Keto diet, then maybe you’re wondering what all the hubbub’s about. The Ketogenic diet is an eating plan that drives your body into a state called ketosis. This means that your body will use fat as a primary source of fuel, instead of going to carbs for the task.

So, it’s a diet pretty high in fat but pretty low in carbs. If you’re with us so far, you probably already know what you can eat or not. But what are some keto-friendly drinks you can have while on this diet? Stick with us and find out right now.

Keto-Friendly Drinks to Have If You're on That Diet
You can totally have alcohol with your keto diet, but don’t overdo it, okay?

5 keto-friendly drinks to have with your keto food

1. Green & black tea

Not only are green and black tea perfect for the keto diet, but there are plenty of other health benefits to them as well. Brew a teapot, pour yourself a hot cup and then enjoy your body being treated to antioxidants and nutrients. You can also add some milk or cream because the keto diet allows it! And I’ve been fairly posh lately, having my tea with milk and really enjoying myself!

2. Water

Okay, this one is pretty obvious. I mean, what kind of a diet wouldn’t allow you to have water? A lot of us could die of thirst if that diet existed. Please, nobody invent that! But yeah, water is just perfect for the keto diet, because it answers to rule number one of the meal plan: choose low-carb things to fill up on. Of course, you can totally add some slices of cucumber and lemon and turn it into a refreshing treat!

3. Coffee

Yay, for coffee-holics like me that are out there every day consuming the best bean-based beverage around, this is, in fact, good news! Coffee is definitely allowed on the keto diet, but sugar isn’t! So either have it black, with cream or with full-fat milk. And you can even go a bit above and beyond (I honestly can’t do this), with bulletproof coffee. That’s a cup of coffee with some fatty butter added to it. I am not a fan, but a lot of people are enjoying it, as far as I know.

Keto-Friendly Drinks to Have If You're on That Diet
Bulletproof coffee aka coffee with added fat is a pretty beloved ketogenic drink.

4. Diet soda and alcohol

Well, neither of them are really healthy for you, that is very true. But, if you do like to have a can of soda or a glass of your favorite type of alcohol once in a while, then it’s not really that bad. Just don’t indulge too much in them just because they’re perfectly fine keto-friendly drinks.

5. Non-Dairy Milk

If you’re not into alternative types of milk yet, maybe you should be? Find out more about stuff like oat milk, coconut milk, and almond milk. And yeah, they’re pretty much keto-friendly, since they’re rich in fat, protein, and pretty low on carbs. Which is perfect for what you’re doing. Now carry on!

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