Foods to Never Refrigerate and Why

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When it comes to the fridge, it seems to be a vault where all tasty things are kept safe until we are able to consume them. But do all foods belong there? There are some items you should never refrigerate, and we’ll tell you which right now.

Some foods actually belong in the pantry and should not be left in the cold (of the fridge). I will give you one before I start out my list: bread. One of my giant pet peeves when it comes to putting things in the refrigerator is bread. One of my former roommates used to do that and it drove me insane. And it wasn’t the only thing like that she did. But I am getting off track here.

It’s time to find out what you should never refrigerate, but what to do with those items instead.

5 foods you should never refrigerate

1. Bread

Like I said above, I cannot stand the taste of bread that’s been stored in the refrigerator. The cold experience completely ruins the taste of the bread and takes away a lot of its moisture. Sure, refrigerating tends to make the bread last longer, but at what cost? If you are going away for the weekend or for some reason you need to store the bread to last longer, then wrap it in plastic and keep it in the freezer. Then toast it straight from the freezer when you’re ready to eat.

Foods to Never Refrigerate and Why
For the sake of all that is good and holy, don’t refrigerate bread.

2. Avocados

If you’re eating a lot of avocado toast, maybe we shouldn’t lecture you about the proper way of storing avocados.  You are probably already keeping them out of the refrigerator. Cold temperatures tend to ruin the fruit’s texture and lovely flavor. That is if it’s still intact. If you’ve already cut it in half, then you’d better keep it in the refrigerator. But only for a day, before it will undoubtedly go bad.

3. Potatoes

Potatoes have no business being kept in the refrigerator and that has to do with chemistry. When you keep them in the cold, the starch that is in them tends to break down and ruins their texture and taste. But how should you store them? Pick a cool, dark place in your kitchen and stick them in there. They will keep for a long time and many mashed potato meals.

4. Honey

Has your honey been crystallizing and you’re stumped as to why? Well, odds are that you’ve been keeping it in the refrigerator, where it doesn’t belong. Low temperatures are the reason your honey changes its consistency, from smooth and viscous to grainy and with a nastier taste. Take your jars out of the fridge and place them in the pantry, stat! But also, don’t forget to seal them properly.

Foods to Never Refrigerate and Why
If you store your honey in the fridge, it will end up crystallizing and losing its texture.

5. Tomatoes

Putting tomatoes in the refrigerator is like a death sentence… for flavor. Yeah, sure, that sounds pretty dramatic, but exposing your beautiful red, meaty and ripe fruit to cold temperatures really destroys their flavor. Keep your tomatoes in a cool, dark place. But if they’re about to go bad, then try to turn them into something else: a sauce for pasta, perhaps?

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