Foods for Eye Health: The Best and the Worst

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If you want to keep your sight sharp, then maybe it’s worth looking into the best and worst foods for eye health. It really helps to know what to avoid and what to make room for in your diet. 

There are foods out there that help with everything, from tea helping your brain stay healthier, to beetroot juice helping you nurture all kinds of aspects of your health. And of course, there are foods for eye health that tend to keep your eyesight sharper and your gaze luminous. We’re going to talk about them now. But we’re also going to cover those items that you should avoid if you want to see clearly… into the future.

Generally, you should know that all of the things rich in vitamin A tend to be excellent for your eyes. But of course, there are other compounds out there that work to keep your peepers in good health.

The best foods for eye health

1. Fish

We keep on discovering things that fish is good for. And eyesight is one of them, thanks to fish being loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. They’re especially beneficial for people who spend to much time in front of the computer.

Also rich in omega-3 fatty acids? Nuts, which also contain plenty of vitamin E that’s important for your eyes as well.

2. Carrots

They’re full of vitamin A, which, like I already mentioned, is golden for your eyesight. But they also contain beta carotene, which has similar effects.

If you don’t like carrots that much or want to diversify the items rich in vitamin A and beta carotene, then go for sweet potatoes as well!

3. Beef

Do you know what’s another great element when it comes to foods for eye health? Zinc! And one of the greatest sources of zinc is beef. So maybe have some burgers to make sure your eyes are protected.

The worst foods for eye health

When it comes to the worst foods for eye health, we have a lineup of the usual suspects! Which is to say, the worst foods for your body are also the worst foods for your eyes. I’m talking about fried foods, because of dangerous saturated fats. But also sweetened drinks, loaded with sugar or with sugar substitutes.  So take care to avoid these things, and keep your eyesight focused!

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