Evening Snacks: What to Eat After 8 P.m. Without Putting on Weight

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When we’ve decided to eat healthily, there are plenty of hoops to jump through. Many difficult moments of the day to hack. What do you do if hunger or cravings strike after 8 p.m.? You can have some healthy and helpful evening snacks, like the following.

Who says you can’t have anything to eat after 8 p.m.? Every single diet rule book and healthy eating website out there, am I right? This seems to be one of those rules that never change, no matter what. But what if you’re just hungry? What if you’re stressed and you need to chew on something just so that you feel a bit better? Or what if your stomach is really grumbling right now and you want to make an offering to it so that is stops being so unpleasant?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can break the rules. Just do it in a discerning way. There are plenty of evening snacks you can have with a clear conscience, that will help you feel full and not disrupt your sleep patterns in significant ways. You just need a few pointers before doing that and you’re all set!

5 evening snacks to have after 8 p.m.

1. Popcorn

Whaaaat? You might ask that. But it’s true, popcorn is a suitable snack for the evenings when you want to munch something. You just have to know what kind of popcorn to get, to stay healthy. None of the popcorn at the movie theater or microwaveable bags. Go for air-popped popcorn, because it’s so much healthier and so less greasy. You can even season it with some healthy options like chili pepper flakes to get your metabolism going or garlic salt, to give it a kick.

Evening Snacks: What to Eat After 8 p.m. Without Putting on Weight
Make some air-popped popcorn at home and you have yourself a great evening snack.

2. Nuts

They’re loaded with healthy fats, plenty of minerals, and the very act of eating them helps relieve your stress and relax you, because of the repetitive motions. Make your own nut mix. Choose from walnuts, almonds, cashew, peanuts, and pistachios, but make sure you buy them raw and unsalted. When preparing the mix, you can roast or toast them yourself, so that you know what kind of snack you’re getting. Add some raisins in there and you’re good to go.

3. Chocolate

Another surprising item on this list, chocolate can truly be one of the great evening snacks you indulge in. But make no mistake: always go for the dark chocolate variety, because it has almost no sugar and it won’t ruin your blood sugar levels. Have a couple of squares and enjoy yourself snacking on something dessert-like.

4. Greek yogurt

It’s full of protein, low on calories and also low on sugar. That’s why Greek yogurt is something great to satisfy your appetite in the evenings. Add a few slices or pieces of your favorite fruit to it and you’ve got yourself an amazing snack. Just make sure you don’t choose regular yogurt because it doesn’t give you too many nutrients, and also don’t choose already fruity yogurt, because that’s mostly made with sugar.

Evening Snacks: What to Eat After 8 p.m. Without Putting on Weight
Do not eat store-bought fruity yogurt. Make your own with Greek yogurt and some awesome fruit.

5. Cottage cheese and crackers

Like yogurt, cottage cheese is rich in protein but light on the calorie and carb side. That means it’s going to help you feel full for longer: hopefully until the morning. The crackers add a lot to this because they’re crunchy with just the right amount of salt. Go for bran or whole grain crackers, to make sure you’re not having bad carbs right before you go to the bed. That would be quite imprudent.

As you might know, your food and your sleeping patterns are quite related. Here are some snacks that help you sleep better, too!

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