Meatless Tacos, the Surprise Hit for Del Taco Chain

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Meatless Tacos, the Surprise Hit for Del Taco Chain

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Meat alternatives are surely starting to take off, with chains that invest in such vegetarian ventures raking in some nice profits. It’s the case with meatless tacos: over 2 million Beyond Meat tacos were sold by the Del Taco chain in just two months. 

The fast-food chain has 580 locations across the United States and it plans on rolling out even more meatless meat products. The meatless tacos, made with Beyond Meat’s plant-based beef, sold for $2.49. The meatless meat industry is quite seriously taking off lately. More and more companies are trying to get in on that plant-based meat action. But even though it seems like a no-brainer to try and get a slice of the meatless meat market, some companies, like Taco Bell, announced that they’re not interested in venturing into this particular area.

Meatless tacos are the future? 

The meatless tacos were one of the most successful product launches in Del Taco’s history. So, naturally, the company plans on launching even more meatless products. So what kind of plant-based products will you be able to try at Del Taco soon? It’s the Beyond 8 Layer Burrito and the Epic Beyond Cali Burrito, up next!

Del Taco will also be giving away free Beyond burritos, with any purchase. So you can try them, risk-free and see how you like them!

The world of the future is bound to be interesting, what with veggie burgers, fake chicken, alternative types of milk and so on becoming more and more popular. The taste has improved and the science is going further than ever before in replicating the flavor and texture of meat, in a way that’s gentler to animals, and the state of the planet in general.

A few years ago, Impossible Burgers were a rarity and now they can be found in over 5,000 restaurants. The consumer attitudes in regards to lab-grown meat are changing. But some companies like Taco Bell and McDonald’s are keeping out of the trend exactly because they think it might just be a fad. But with a growing interest in the well-being of the planet, I guess we’ll see what the future holds.


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