2018 Food Trends – Happy New Food to Try This Year

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At the start of a new year, we always think of how to improve our lives. We make New Year resolutions, we try to eat better, especially to get rid of the excess weight from the holidays. But we also look to the future of food. The 2018 food trends might just switch up our menus a little. Let’s see what they are.

A few years ago, nobody knew exactly what kale was or cared about it. Maybe even more recently, we didn’t exactly use turmeric in just about anything we could imagine. Whether we like it or not, the trends in the food industry tend to rule what’s on our plates. Even if we don’t have our ears to the ground, the trends change our lives and our diets.

I see nothing wrong with that after all the world is built on constant change. But if you do like to stay ahead of the eating curve, then I’m sure you’ll be delighted to find out what sort of foods or trends will probably crop up soon around you, in stores, on Instagram, or at parties.

2018 food trends to know about

1. Savory desserts

As we find out more and more about the catastrophic effects of sugar on your body, the options for your dessert are slowly starting to shift to a less-sweet, more-savory menu. Savory desserts are in, and all bets are off with regards to the ingredients you can use in your cakes, cupcakes, and other items. Fancy some cauliflower in your chocolate mousse? Or some hot pepper jam over your pancakes? How about some tomato jelly in your layer cake?

The process of including savory ingredients in desserts is maybe just in the first stages. But it seems pretty clear to me that it has no reason to slow down!

2018 Food Trends: Happy New Food to Try This Year
Were use to sweet strudels loaded with sugar, but this broccoli one is an excellent dessert on its own.

2. Bread is back on the menu

After gluten was vilified beyond people who suffer from allergy or celiac disease, bread is staging the comeback of the century. With some improvements, of course. With more people having access to different types of flours, be them ancient or heirloom grains, bakers have more options than ever to turn out fluffy on the inside, crunchy on the outside loaves. Sure, white bread will probably never be as beloved by as many households as in the past, but there are health reasons for that.

So, make yourself a toast sourdough sandwich with your favorite toppings, and witness just how amazing bread can still be for you. This is one of those 2018 food trends to celebrate.

3. The Indian food makeover

After Korean food and Japanese food went through a trendy period of time, where they gained many new acolytes, it’s probably time for other cuisines to shine in takeout, restaurants, or even on your dinner table. Plenty of chefs are experimenting with the rich, hearty flavors and textures. The options for Indian dishes are so many – we’ve tried plenty of them, too. It’s no wonder they’re about to go mainstream, especially since wonderful turmeric captured the hearts of so many people.

2018 Food Trends: Happy New Food to Try This Year
Spicy chicken tikka masala is about to become at least as famous as it deserves to be.

4. No more wasting food

We know that food waste is a real problem, especially since there are people starving out there. That’s why this might be one my favorite 2018 food trends. So when you buy fruits and vegetables, think about eating or preparing them from root to stem.

Most every item is rich in nutrients in every cell, so you’re saving up in the money department, too. Why throw away the skins, the roots, and the stems? Why not have the carrot leaves along with the root? Not to mention that you can make more dishes with fewer ingredients. And if you use the whole vegetables, it will gift you with different flavors and textures.  It’s great for the environment, too.

5. Middle Eastern foods

Health experts are recommending this wholeheartedly – especially for the health of your whole heart. Middle Eastern foods tend to help with cardiovascular problems, but they also keep your whole body healthy. That’s why this diet has been linked with many of the same benefits as the Mediterranean diet.

So what should you think about including in your diet? Spices like harissa, cardamom, and za’atar. Herbs like mint and parsley. Dishes like grilled halloumi, lamb, and shakshuka. Tomato jam is definitely a star (don’t forget to use it in desserts, as per the first trend on this list), as are pomegranates, eggplants, cucumbers, tahini, and dried fruits. Enter a world of layered, sophisticated flavors without all the added sugars, fats, and salt!

2018 Food Trends: Happy New Food to Try This Year
Shakshuka is not only a tasty Middle Eastern dish, it’s also very healthy for your body.

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