Celebrity Breakfast: What Your Favorite Stars Eat in the Morning

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Celebrity Breakfast: What Your Favorite Stars Eat in the Morning

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Celebrities! They’re just like us! They know which is the most important meal of the day. We spent a while scouring Instagram for the yummiest, funniest, nicest instances of celebrity breakfast. Here is what we found! 

We, at SoDelicious, are quite in love with breakfast and breakfast food. Be it a bowl of granola, bacon, and eggs, or a nice oatmeal with plenty of toppings, we’re eager to get up in the morning and eat something to give us energy for the rest of the day. These celebrities we picked below seem to share the same ‘philosophy’. And they have excellent taste.

10 celebrity breakfast dishes to die for

1. Sofia Vergara

The ‘Modern Family’ star likes to share pictures from family meals with husband Joe Manganiello. This time, she had a tiny espresso with ‘pastelitos’, a type of Cuban baked puff pastry that, traditionally, has fillings such as cheese, guava, pineapple, and coconut.


2. Karlie Kloss

The supermodel ended Paris Fashion Week with a bang and a traditional French breakfast: crunchy, tender, golden croissants. We think Karlie is pretty cool, especially since she’s an advocate for more women in tech. Her program, Kode with Klossy, teaches girls how to code and how to make it in tech.


3. Jerry Seinfeld

The comedian and star of the show ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ knows a thing or two about breakfast and approaches it with the same brand of observational humor that made his stand up comedy and his ‘Seinfeld’ sitcom and international hit.


4. Chrissy Teigen

The model, TV celebrity and social media activist loves to cook, which is supremely evident from her Instagram account. This particular breakfast is not made by her, but for her, by her husband, the singer John Legend.


5. Hugh Jackman

The actor’s Instagram page is full of joie de vivre and optimism. That’s also the case for this video of the Academy Award nominee and definitive Wolverine player. Who would not like to try that stack of ricotta pancakes? I am dreaming of whipping up a batch as we speak!


6. Oprah

The TV mogul loves to eat healthy, as we can definitely see on her Instagram account. She appears in a lot of snapshots while she’s holding huge baskets filled with fruit, veggies, and leafy greens. This time, she’s having one of our favorite Sunday morning treats: French toast, but with coconut!


7. Kim Kardashian

You don’t end up a very successful businesswoman if you skip breakfast, right? And especially if you don’t eat healthily. Kim Kardashian West knows that and that is why she is having a bowl of oatmeal. We can’t say we disagree with that wholesome choice.


8. Chris Pratt

Oh, remember when Chris Pratt hadn’t been the highly successful lead in blockbusters like the two ‘Jurassic World’ films and the two ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ films? Well, I do, because he played Andy in ‘Parks and Recreation’, a sitcom simply obsessed with breakfast food. Here, he references a famous line uttered by Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson.


9. Jennifer Garner

The actress who kicked butt in the show ‘Alias’ and played a superhero in ‘Elektra’ is well on her way to becoming the internet’s favorite mom. Her Instagram page is absolutely delightful and you can tell she loves to cook a lot. This time, she enjoyed some waffles, and we have no problem with that!


10. Halle Berry

Academy Award winner Halle Berry says that beignets give her life and we completely believe her. This deep-fried choux pastry looks absolutely delicious. And it dates as far back as Ancient Rome! This is quite the celebrity breakfast, don’t you think?


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