Reduce Acne Outbreaks: 5 Foods to Cut From Your Diet

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We keep mentioning that everything in your body is connected, well it’s the truth so we will stick to it! Which means that the delicate chemical balance can be disrupted or repaired. If you want to reduce acne outbreaks on your skin, you need to pay more attention to your diet.

What you eat really has an impact on your complexion.  Which is good news! Because it means that you can reduce acne by removing some items from your diet. The Scientific Journal Skin Therapy Letter analyzed 27 studies and their findings. They found that there are some foods that increased the severity of acne.

5 foods to cut out if you want to reduce acne

1.Cow’s milk

The study analysis revealed a connection between drinking cow’s milk and the development of acne. The reasons aren’t evident yet, but a few theories exist. One of them is that cow’s milk makes blood sugar levels rise, which can increase inflammation. This leads to the production of pimples. Cow’s milk also has a potent effect on insulin levels. And that encourages the production of sebum or skin oils. Most of the cows the milk is produced from are pregnant, which means that a big dose of foreign hormones ends up in your bloodstream. And the growth hormones cows consume can block your pores because they encourage the overgrowth of skin cells.

Reduce Acne Outbreaks: 5 Foods to Cut from Your Diet
Cow’s milk can make your acne worse.


This also spikes your blood sugar levels. But it doesn’t mean that every piece of candy you eat will result in pimples. What matters is the quantity of sugar you have every day. If you have a soda and a candy bar, your skin might break out a little later. You can experiment with that and see how much it affects you.

3.High-glycemic foods

White bread, processed breakfast cereals, white rice, pretzels, potato chips, cookies, and cakes break down quickly in the body and trigger an insulin spike. They also raise your blood sugar levels. Try to replace them with low-glycemic foods like vegetables, whole grains, sweet potatoes, and fruit. An Australian study conducted in 2007 showed that young men with acne who switched from eating white bread and processed cereals to lean meat, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables had dramatic skin quality improvements.

4.Junk food

They lead to hormonal fluctuations and raise your blood sugar levels. So try to replace pizza and burgers with a nice homemade salad.

5.Fast food

All the grease they use in fast food places leads to inflammation in your body, which means you will soon have more pimples than you know what to do with. So why not try and replace the deep fried chicken with a nice grill version? Here are some ideas. (linking)

What you can do to reduce acne now is to experiment with different types of food and see how your skin condition is affected.

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