Sweet and Spicy Pasta Salad

  • Difficulty: Ultra Basic
  • 15 minutes
  • 2 servings

Having lunch at work can sometimes get frustrating when you’re fresh out of ideas on what food to order. Bringing your own lunchbox solves this issue. Make this sweet-and-hot pasta and veggie salad the night before, and don’t forget to add the dressing just before serving the salad!

Ingredients Needed for Sweet and Spicy Pasta Salad

    3 ounces of cooked pasta
    1 avocado, cut into cubes
    2 chili peppers s, sliced
    3.5 ounces of cheddar cheese, cut into cubes
    1 celery stick, sliced
    4 tablespoons of pomegranate seed
    2 tablespoons of olive oil
    ½ orange
    ¼ teaspoon salt
    ½ teaspoon brown sugar

How to Make Sweet and Spicy Pasta Salad

  1. Take 2 glass jars (12 ounces/370 grams) and divide the cooked pasta between them.
  2. Add equal quantities of avocado, chili slices, Cheddar cubes, celery, and pomegranate seeds into each jar.
  3. Make the dressing: add the olive oil in a small bowl, squeeze some orange juice, then sprinkle salt, and brown sugar. Whisk until the salt and sugar melt.
  4. Pour the dressing over the salad just before serving it.

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