To Trust or Not to Trust the Losing Belly Fat Myth?

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The biggest belly fat myth is that you can lose fat only from that part of the body, and only by exercising that specific area of your body. Is that true or not?

Everybody has different complaints about themselves and their bodies. Some people don’t like it when they’re putting on some pounds on the hips, or on the butt, and many people hate it when they’re losing their waist and instead they try to lose their belly fat instead.

That’s why belly fat myths have expanded over time. But scientists established long ago that targeting specific areas of fat was impossible. Still, the belly fat myths have persisted. So, is it true or not that you can target the fat from a specific area when you want to lose weight?

It seems there is some truth, but not enough. If you touch your body part with the most stored fat, you will notice that this part is cooler than the other parts of your body. The reason is the minimized blood flow in this area. So, if your workouts target to reduce the fat from that areas, most of the tricks you can find on the internet teach you how to increase the blood flow to a certain area of your body, such as your belly or your thighs. In theory, this works. In fact, the effect is minimum, so you may not see any real difference if this is your only trick. Anyway, as a general rule, if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

What to do after you give up on losing belly fat myths

1. Work on multiple muscles

You may not be able to reduce the fat on your belly only by going to the gym. Still, you can improve your proportions. For example, if you struggle with belly fat, training your back muscles will get you a better look in the long-term, as your body will look more proportional.

Also, a great exercise if you want to spot reduce belly fat on your thighs is to do squats or the leg press. These exercises train your whole body and help strengthen the muscles underneath. This creates a toned look in the long-term.

2. Cardio

If you want to lose belly fat, you have to lose fat overall. And a great way to lose fat is cardiovascular training.

It may not be easy to start doing cardio (I’ve been there too), but it’s important for losing fat. Try step on a treadmill, or start doing aerobic exercises.

3. Eat healthy foods

We all know which foods are good for our health, but sometimes we want to ignore that. When we get older, our body does not consume as many calories as it did when we were children. And the calories turn into fat deposits. And, yes, on the belly too. We know that and yet we sometimes we eat like we are 5-year olds.

Reduce carbs, and start eating more of the good stuff on a daily basis. How about more vegetables than you are usually eating?

So, don’t get excited anytime you hear “the fastest way of losing belly fat”. Just start training your muscles, do cardio regularly, eat like a grown-up, and be patient. The results will come.

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