What to Eat Before, During, and After Cold-Weather Workouts

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Do you like outdoor sports? Then, this winter probably won’t keep you from those activities. But cold-weather workouts need to be joined by a careful diet and hydration before, during, and after working out.

If you like running or other outdoor sports, there’s nothing that can keep you inside when the cold weather comes. When you’re training for a marathon or just want to keep in shape, you won’t stop your workouts only because bad of weather. So, you need solutions to help your body function in good terms. Besides buying clothes for winter sports, make sure to keep yourself hydrated.

For workouts lasting longer than 45 minutes or for intense exercise, like running sprints, it’s important to fuel your body correctly. Here are some eating and hydration tips that will keep you on pace in the dead of winter.

What to eat before cold-weather workouts

Cold-weather workouts are more difficult and need more attention to your body. You need to stay hydrated during the exercise, but also properly prepare for them. Before going out for a run or to the gym, sip some green tea with honey. Green tea has antioxidants to fight inflammation and the honey provides pre-workout fuel.

Also, on cold days, you should eat broth-based soups for lunch. Soup has liquids and salt to provide the electrolytes you’ll need during activity.

What to Eat Before, During, and After Cold-Weather Workouts
Drinking green tea with honey before a workout helps you a lot.

What to eat during cold-weather workouts

If you’re working out outside, you should have a thermos, to keep your drink warm or at room temperature. Use sports bottles that are easy to open and wear a fuel belt to keep your fluids on hand and drink anytime you feel thirsty. No one wants to drink cold liquid while in sub-freezing temperatures.

You usually won’t need foods while running, but if your workouts are long, you can have raisins, honey, nut, and dried fruit bars, energizing jelly beans, or energy gels.

What to eat after cold-weather workouts

Do you want to feel better and warm up yourself after cold-weather workouts? You probably don’t want to eat right after a workout. But a nice warm cup of hot chocolate made with milk will give your body what it needs: protein and carbs. Plus it’ll warm you up from the inside.

Protein and healthy carbs are what you need after cold-weather workouts. They’re good for recovery, muscle-building, and warming. For active people, the best meal option in the cold days is soups or stews. Make a soup with veggies and protein, like a white bean or lentil soup. As for stews, there are so many nourishing and warming options! Vegetables have antioxidants to fight post-workout inflammation, and protein rebuilds tired muscles.

Do we even need to add that you should carry around a water bottle and hydrate yourself throughout the day?

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