Feeling Cold? Try These 7 Foods That Keep You Warm

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Comfy clothes are not the only trick you can use to keep yourself warm this winter. Try another approach – a healthier and tastier one, we might add.

If you count yourself among those who do not stand the cold, welcome to the club! You are probably already looking desperately for sources of heat to help you get through the winter’s freezing temperatures.

Stop. You are not looking in the right direction.

Tip: Scroll below and memorize carefully the list of foods that can warm your body from the inside.

The connection between food and body warming

When the outside temperature drops, the metabolism slows down, trying to preserve energy and keep the body warm. Here’s one of the reasons why you’re always feeling sleepy, lethargic and you don’t want to do anything during the winter.

The good news is that some foods that are harder to digest contribute to increased body temperature, so by default, they keep you warm. The phenomenon is called thermogenesis and is defined as the process by which the body produces heat by metabolizing food. In short, in winter you need foods high in healthy fats, carbs, and proteins, which take longer to digest.

Foods that keep you warm in winter

1. Roots

Foods like radishes, turnips or sweet potatoes belong to the category of roots, whose digestion is slower, so they help your body to generate more heat. You can use them in the preparation of soups, which is the favorite dish in the cold season, or when cooking fresh salads.

2. Sesame seeds

Rich in calcium, good fats, fiber, minerals, and essential vitamins, sesame seeds are considered to be a true “nutrient factory”, and the advantage is that, after digestion, they help you to increase body temperature.

3. Bananas

Rich in vitamin B and magnesium, bananas are a super-food that promotes the proper functioning of the thyroid and adrenal glands, which in turn help regulate body temperature.

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4. Honey

The common ally for strengthening the immune system in the cold season, honey has medicinal properties that will help you keep the flu, cold or viral infections away. You can consume it regularly by diluting it in tea, hot water or taking a spoon directly from the jar in the morning.

5. Nuts and dried fruits

Raisins, cashews, pistachios or almonds – you can rely on each one individually to help your body generate more heat. They are a delicious bonus if you have anemia or iron deficiency, so do not shy away from eating them raw or tossing them in a salad bowl or a cup of yogurt.

6. Eggs

Eggs are an obvious presence in our top of protein and vitamin-rich foods rich that help the body to warm up from the inside. Perfect for breakfast, eggs increase energy levels and help fight infections.

7. Oatmeal

There are mornings where you can’t even get the little toe out from under the quilt, are they? If you do, however, get out of bed, prepare a large portion of oatmeal, with your favorite topping, for the energy and motivation (which you lack) to get out of the house. Oatmeal is an all-star breakfast cereal, which provides you with the fiber and vegetable protein needed to warm your body.

Besides nutrition, hydration is equally essential in the cold season, and now is the ideal time of year when you can indulge in hot drinks. Drink mulled wine, hot chocolate, coffee, ginger tea, cinnamon tea, lemon and honey tea, blueberry tea and any other combination of plants that you like.

Because in the end, all that matters is warming your body from the inside, not just the outside.

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