Millennial Eating Habits Are Changing Food

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Fast food is out, and less food is in for Millennials, a new survey says. So, what are the Millennial eating habits and how will that influence the future of food? We find out, now!

They (or I should say ‘We’ since I am a part of the generation) have been accused of destroying any and all capitalist endeavors, from selling diamonds to the real estate business. Headlines proclaiming that Millennials ruined something are a dime a dozen these days. Take this very recent one, claiming that ‘Millennials Killed Canned Tuna’, a news item widely reported on. How did they do that, this all-powerful generation? By not owning can openers. What a murder! These reports are so frequent, that the whole thing has become a meme.

Now, it would seem that Millennials are well on their way to mass-murdering fast food chains, the food-rating app Yelp, and meal kit services like Blue Apron. How so?

Millennial eating habits: what are they?

A new survey on food habits conducted by Dealspotr on 500 Millennials (age 25-34) across the U.S. shows some very interesting results. For one, Millennials tend to skip eating at fast food chains: over 60 percent only do that less than once per week or even not at all. Which, considering how unhealthy fast food is, can only be considered good news.

When it comes to figuring out where to eat, they are way more likely to use word of mouth for picking a place. So long, the tyranny of Yelp as the app to consider whenever they want to find out the rating of a restaurant. 44 percent talk to their friends or pick a food place that they’ve heard is cool. 31 percent don’t ever use Yelp.

Millennials Eating Habits and Changing Food
Millennials are happily killing Yelp by choosing a place to eat through word of mouth.

What to eat when you don’t have any money

How about meal kit services like Blue Apron, which seem to be super accessible to everybody? Wouldn’t Millennials enjoy having all of the ingredients and recipes delivered at their door, some assembly required? Well, no! Only 3 percent use the service. Because you know what? Millennials are poor! It’s tough to buy diamonds and houses and subscribe to meal kit services when you don’t have any money. And that’s what the media, in general, doesn’t get when it describes Millennials as serial killers of business.

Young people right now are also having fewer meals every day. 42 percent eat just two meals a day, even fewer. When they’re looking for dishes to make, they’ve abandoned recipes websites for the comfort of Pinterest. 22 percent of them use Pinterest to find their next meal.

And also, 45.2 percent of them have tried a diet in the past 6 months. Their favorite one? The Keto Diet tried by 14 percent of the people surveyed.

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