A Labor-Inducing Salad? Hilary Duff Is Betting on It

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A Labor-Inducing Salad? Hilary Duff Is Betting on It

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Are you looking to just give birth already? So is actress Hilary Duff, who went in search of a mythical dish that might just help with that: the labor-inducing salad from a pizzeria in Los Angeles.

Whenever pregnancies go on for far too long and women are too exhausted by the myriad changes in their bodies, doctors recommend a lot of things that have been known to help with inducing labor. Among these things count eating spicy food and having sex with their significant other. But a labor-inducing salad? The urban legend says that such a thing exists, in a land of wonders: Los Angeles, California.

Recently, actress Hilary Duff, very pregnant for the second time and willing and hopeful to finally have the baby in her arms, put all of her faith in this myth. So far, nothing has happened, but we know that she really really tried, as proven by this Instagram story.

A Labor-Inducing Salad? Hillary Duff Is Betting on It

What’s in the labor-inducing salad?

The labor-inducing salad is supposedly found at Caioti Pizza Café in the Studio City neighborhood of LA. She did this because some of the clients there swear by it when it comes to inducing labor. So, what is this miracle labor-inducing mixture? The famous salad is made with romaine lettuce (hopefully not the prepackaged kind), watercress, walnuts, gorgonzola, and a balsamic vinaigrette. No other mysterious pregnant women-aiding ingredients.

Duff posted the picture above in her Instagram account, with the caption: “This salad is supposed to make you go into labor…..@caioti_pizza don’t let me down.”

According to E! News, this isn’t something the ‘A Cinderella Story’ actress made up. The celebrity news outlet talked to Caioti Pizza Café and got some explanations. Apparently, the vinaigrette has some herbs which might induce labor. But only the people in the kitchen know what kind of herbs those are. “We do have a salad that supposedly makes people go into labor. They say it’s in the dressing, which is just a balsamic and there are special herbs that make women have contractions and go into labor. (…) None of the servers know what exactly is in the ‘special herbs’ mix, only the kitchen knows.”

And women go to Caioti for this, if Instagram is to be believed.




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