It’s a Fact: Green Tea Helps With Weight Loss

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You thought it’s a myth? We have a meta-study to prove that green tea promotes weight loss.

There are studies and there are meta-studies. The former employ various scientific methods on humans, primates, rats or other subjects, drawing conclusions specific to a certain experimental setup, the latter use the power of data analysis to find new general meanings and correlations among more such studies.

We are presenting you today a meta-study performed on 26 randomized controlled trials totaling 1,344 participants. The aim was to evaluate the effects of green tea consumption in obese subjects. This meta-analysis tried to mitigate the heterogeneity of the results. Each of the comprised studies used a different dosage, type of extract, and duration of the intervention. In order to establish a clear effect of the green tea consumption in obese people, all these results were reviewed in correlation with three parameters: the body mass index, the body weight, and the waist circumference.

These combined results revealed that the body weight decreased on average by 1.78 kg, and the body mass index by 0.65 kg/m2, significant values, both. The reduction in waist circumference after green tea consumption was notable in subjects drinking more than 800 mg of green tea per day (they lost an average of 2.06 cm in waist circumference).

As a results, the analysis supports and encourages the use of green tea for weight loss, combined with a balanced diet and regular physical exercise in the management of obese patients.

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