6 Baking Accessories You Should Own

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Your kitchen creations don’t usually stand out? Or you suddenly made a hobby out of crafting cookies and homemade sweets? We’re glad you’re here, because we came across some of the coolest baking accessories that will help you improve your cooking skills at home. We think you should take a look at them. Right now!

1. Dinosaur Cookie Cutter Set

You don’t have to be a hard skilled baker in order to obtain wonderfully decorated cookies for your little ones. You just need the right kitchen accessories. Such as this cute set of 3 dinosaur cookie shapes, that will help you obtain realistic dinosaur-cookies that will fascinate your kids. The cool skeletal details will make the cookies stand out.

How does it work? Use the outer cookie-cutter to make the shape. Use the stamp to press in the design. Then, use icing to fill in the indentations for the bones.

2. The Original Homemade Donut Maker

Have you ever wondered how donuts get their perfectly round shape? It is not so much a matter of human dexterity and baking skills, as of using the right baking tools. Invest in this lightweight donut maker for your home and nothing will stop you from having the perfect homemade donuts, with less costs.

The original homemade donut maker is made from heat resistant material and is dishwasher safe.

Prepare the batter like you would for waffles or pancakes. Heat up a frying pan with plenty of oil in it. Put the dough into the donut maker, hold it over the frying pan and gently press the handle for a perfectly sized donut dropping. Let the donut fry for a few minutes and then remove it on absorbent kitchen towels to get rid of the excess oil.

3. Batter Dispenser for Pancakes, Waffles & more

Pancakes, crepes or waffles – how could you not love them?! As delicious as they are, these homemade delicacies are meticulous to do and sometimes you might get bored in the middle of the process. Well, not anymore!

If you choose to invest in this super easy batter dispenser, your time will be cut in half and your pancakes, waffles and crepes will look even prettier. How is that even possible?

For starters, know that you can put all the necessary ingredients into the batter dispenser bottle and just shake it up (jokes aside). The wire whisk ball will mix all the ingredients and blend them together, helping you to get a creamy batter.

Then, you just need to turn the bottle upside down and gently press to make the perfect pancakes, crepes, waffles and more. If you don’t want to use all the batter, simply place the dispenser in the fridge and it will be stored safely. The bottle has a storing capacity of 1000 ml.

4. Cookie Press Mold Stamps

Let us present you with this affordable cookie stamps set that will easily enhance your baking skills at home: it comes in fun cartoon animal shapes that kids will love. There are 6 available forms: dog, cat, bird, mouse, pig, and horse. Take the animal stamp you want to use and attach it to the cookie press. Then, press the device directly onto the cookie. You can use these stamps on all types of cookies and shortbread, including butter or sugar ones.

5. Pastry Dough Press Cutter

This multi-functional stainless steel gadget comes in handy when you want to prepare a variety of pastry or dough filled with your favorite ingredients, such as: calzone, dumplings, ravioli, turnovers, pierogi, pot stickers, empanada.

Simply put the dough onto the surface, add your favorite fillings on the dough and press the pie crimper to seal.

6. Dough Cutter for Cookies or Pizza

Craft your own pizza, cookies, sweet or salty tarts at home, with this ingenious and super affordable roller cutter. You just have to pass the accessory on the surface of the flat dough, and it will be cut into thin strips, with which you can then decorate whatever you’re cooking.


And now, tell us: which of the above baking accessories really fascinated you? We hope all of them, because they sure can improve your baking skills while also saving time and money.

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