Cosmic Crisp – a New Super-Apple

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Are you looking for a large, juicy apple, remarkably firm with a crisp texture and a shelf life of several weeks? Meet Cosmic Crisp – a cross-bred apple due to hit the US shelves this month.

The researchers at Washington State University have patented this hybrid based on the Enterprise and Honeycrisp apples, after a work encompassing more than two decades. Yes, folks, it took more than 20 years of cross-pollinating, tasting, and testing, along with research and development, until the Cosmic Crisp apple was invented.

The new fruit is said to offer naturally heightened levels of acidity and sugar, so we’ll need less added sugar if we decide to use it as an ingredient for our apple recipes. But it would be a shame to spoil this unspoilable apple and cook it instead of consuming it fresh. Because staying fresh is its superpower. According to its creators, the Cosmic Crisp apple can be kept in controlled atmosphere storage for 12 months, in a fridge for six months or longer, and on the shelf at room temperature for several weeks. We’re still waiting for the upcoming time-lapse or live videos to prove it.

It is worth mentioning that the new variety, in addition to being sweet and crisp, it is naturally slow to brown when cut. It just stays fresh and crunchy like a super-apple! Some say it snaps when you bite into it! Can’t wait to try it, right? If it’s that good, the long shelf life will be a completely useless marketing gimmick.

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  1. These folks could have saved themselves 20 yrs of research and started with the Honeycrisp apple Marker-Miller Orchard in Winchester, Va. I have been eating the Virginia Honeycrisp for a long while. Right now have a half bushel bag full in my refrigerator that look just like the ones in the picture.

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