Have a Greater Movie Night: 5 Ways to Make Better Popcorn

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Any movie night with your friends, your significant other, or your cat deserves the perfect snack. Popcorn is a classic snack to turn to, but there are ways to make better popcorn. So switch up the flavors and try these ideas, for the ideal movie night.

The smell, the incomparable crunch, and the salty taste. That’s what popcorn is about. I’ve been having it for so many years that I associate popcorn deeply with the act of seeing a movie. Especially in the theater. But I feel like I’ve been stuck in a routine for years, having some salty popcorn (the big bucket) at the cinema, and freshly out of the microwave when I am at home. But first, you can learn here how to make some excellent crunchy popcorn.

Once I’ve researched it, I found out that there are ways to make better popcorn. Or at least different, for some new experiences! Here are some ideas.

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If you’re bored with classic popcorn, then we have plenty of (simple) ideas for you.

5 ways to make better popcorn

1. Hot and cold

This discovery was more like a happy accident. I made myself a bowl full of popcorn and I decide to also have some Greek yogurt, straight from the fridge. I have to say, it was a revelation! The soft, cold yogurt and the hot crunchy kernels went so great together that I tried this combo for the next week.

I put the yogurt in a bowl and dipped some of the popcorn in it. It was delicious!

2. Add chocolate

Another combo I discovered thanks to serendipity and an empty fridge is the hot popcorn combined with some cold milk chocolate pieces. If you want an experience that might change your life, try the popcorn and chocolate with the yogurt! I don’t think I’ll ever have plain popcorn again. The best thing is the salt flavor that contrasts with the sweetness of the chocolate.

3. A bacon and jalapeno combo

This sounds strange but I assure you, it’s well worth your time and effort. So how do you make it? First, cook the bacon in the pot you will soon make popcorn in. Let the bacon render its fat on the bottom of the pot. Add some bits of jalapeno in the pot and cook them for a couple of minutes. Then remove the bacon and jalapeno to a plate lined with paper towels, to get rid of some of the greases. Then cook the popcorn kernels in the pot and the bacon grease. Toss everything together in a bowl and enjoy the spiciness!

4. Paprika popcorn

Mix some paprika powder with a bit of salt. Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil over the already popped popcorn kernels and then toss to even out the oil. Add the paprika and salt mix over the popcorn and toss the whole bowl again, until the paprika is evenly distributed. This is popcorn with a bit of a spicy punch!

5. Chili seasoning mix

Use the same process as for the above idea, only this time you’re working with chili seasoning mix. So drizzle the popcorn with some extra virgin olive oil, add the chili seasoning mix – of your own making or store-bought, whichever you prefer – and then toss the popcorn in the bowl. 

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Use your favorite seasoning mix on your popcorn and enjoy!

If salty or oily popcorn doesn’t do it for you, we’ve still got you covered. Here’s how to make healthy popcorn.

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