Don’t Scream: Fix These Ice Cream Making Mistakes

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Don’t Scream: Fix these Ice Cream Making Mistakes

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You know what’s better than buying a nice ice cream cone during the summer heatwaves? Making the ice cream yourself! But if you scream and I scream and we all scream for ice cream when the sun is burning up, we don’t want you to scream when the dessert doesn’t turn out like you expected. Now. Have you checked these ice cream making mistakes you might be indulging in?

Homemade ice cream can taste great, but some common ice cream making mistakes can cause you to wind up with a mess that is far from delicious. But don’t despair. And I also swear I will not make any more bad “I scream” puns! But don’t put away the ice cream maker either. Here are some things you should avoid doing when making homemade ice cream.

But before we get to it, here are some gadgets to help make your ice cream experience so much cooler this summer.

5 ice cream making mistakes to correct

1. Using low-fat dairy

If you’re in love with ice cream, then why would you want to ruin it? I mean, the wonderfully smooth, creamy texture of this treat slash queen of desserts comes from the fat in the dairy. Without it, it can never be as tasty or as full. Low-fat milk doesn’t even really freeze well, so it’s exceptionally unsuitable for making ice cream.

The result will be something almost flavorless and with an icy texture and if you want that, why not make a popsicle without any dairy at all? Just treat yourself and use full-fat milk and maybe even heavy cream. Go nuts! (And you can also use nuts, for crunchiness)

Don’t Scream: Fix these Ice Cream Making Mistakes
Full-fat dairy is essential for making the creamiest, tastiest homemade ice cream.

2. Using a warm freezer bowl

If this freezer bowl of your ice cream maker isn’t properly cold, then your ice cream will never set. So, forgetting to put it in the freezer at least a day before making your delicious treat is definitely one of the ice cream making mistakes. When the machine churns the ice cream at the end of the process, the bowl needs to be cold enough to help the ice cream freeze. So get to it!

3. Not chilling the ice cream base

I think you’re beginning to see a pattern here. And that pattern is that most everything you work with when you’re making ice cream needs to be cold. Like your ex’s heart. Like Elsa’s touch in “Frozen”.

So You shouldn’t “Let It Go” when it comes to the temperature.

After making the ice cream base, put it in the refrigerator and get it good and cold. And after that is accomplished, and the bowl is very cold, according to what I said above, only then can you pour the ice cream base into the machine.

4. Too much ice cream base is a thing

When the ice cream churns in the machine, it has to have room to breathe in there. Breathe and not overfill over the machine. So don’t add too much to the ice cream maker. Read your recipe with care. The right amount can fill about three-quarters of the machine. Usually.

Don’t Scream: Fix these Ice Cream Making Mistakes
Never fill the ice cream maker all the way to the top. That way lies spilling or ruining the texture.

5. Churning too much

Overworking the ice cream in the machine will most likely make it too icy. You might not find this surprising, but the lack of patience is responsible for many of these ice cream making mistakes. Because this is how the process goes: first you churn the ice cream, then you transfer it to the freezer, in a very cold bowl. The ice cream will not be all that great when it’s just coming out of the machine. Be patient, let the freezer do its magic and churn for the recommended time in the recipe, or if you’re experimenting, just until the ice cream thickens.  

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