Brilliant Ways to Eat Watermelon

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Watermelon is the fruit superstar in the summer. If you’ve only eaten it as is until now, maybe it’s time to spice things up! It may seem eccentric at first sight, but you’ll love these fresh ways to eat watermelon!

Let’s talk about this sweet, refreshing fruit, which represents the epitome of summer!

Watermelon is now the most-consumed type of melon in the US, according to Mercola. Maybe because it has more than 91 percent water and is refreshing in the summer. I usually eat it as is. When I want to lose some pounds, I replace dessert with a couple of watermelon wedges! It makes me feel full and alleviates my cravings for something sweet.

If the thought of cutting it into slices or cubes sounds boring, try other inspired ways to eat watermelon.

Different ways to eat watermelon

Watermelon sandwiches

When I was a child, my grandmother used to eat watermelon with bread. As simple as that! Of course, I tried this combo too. When I grew up I improved this mix: I kept the watermelon, and I experimented with different types of bread. That moment, I realized that watermelon is perfect for sandwiches!

You can try whatever you want with watermelon: seed bread and goat cheese; whole wheat bread with cream cheese and pieces of grilled chicken; and toast with mozzarella, lettuce, and cucumber. You can create the combinations!

Do you want to experiment even more with that juicy watermelon? Grill it! Yes, you heard that right! Slice it and put it on the grill as is or add some spices. Sea salt, cayenne pepper, lime, and mint work with the watermelon’s sweet taste.

When you make sandwiches, don’t forget about pita and ciabatta!

You can also make Mexican grilled chicken tacos with watermelon salsa.

Watermelon salty salads

To me, the classic watermelon salad has this hydrating fruit, cheese, baby spinach, and walnuts! Some olive oil and lime juice complete the taste!

But there are many other salads you can try! Mix and match any foods, because watermelon is an amazing fruit that works with many kinds of vegetables, dairy, eggs, and meats.

Keep the watermelon as the main ingredient and play with the others: grilled chicken breast or beef, blue cheese, goat cheese, ricotta, mozzarella, lettuce, baby spinach, arugula, walnuts, sliced almonds, pumpkin seeds, fresh mint, fresh basil, shrimp, cucumber, grilled zucchini. Make your own salad, like a real chef. If you want, give it a name and serve it to your friends when they’re visiting you!

Watermelon and mixed tomato salad with feta cheese.

Amazing drinks

No need saying that you can make incredible drinks using watermelon. Besides its subtle – but unmistakable! – taste, watermelon will give your drinks a wonderful pink color.

Think about watermelon lemonade! Combine it with other fruit and vegetables to make nutritious juices. Blend the watermelon and mix it with carrot juice, apple juice, or coconut water.

You can also prepare alcoholic cocktails. For example, watermelon mojitos! Usually, this cocktail is made with brown sugar. But because the watermelon is very sweet, you can skip the sugar in this refreshing drink.

Vodka, tequila, and triple sec blend well with watermelon juice too! This summer, experiment with these combinations and add, to taste, cranberry, blackberry, raspberry or lime juices, any frozen berries, lime slices, and mint leaves. Oh, and don’t forget ice cubes! You can make tremendous drinks!

Watermelon will give your drinks a wonderful pink color.

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