3 Tricks to Dry Lettuce as Fast as Possible

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Is there anything more annoying than wanting to make a quick salad and ending up waiting for your leafy greens to just dry already? We’ve gone through the same thing and we have some help for you. Here is how to quickly dry lettuce. Three ways! 

The methods below will not just help you dry lettuce. They also work for basically every leafy green you might want to rinse and then dry off quickly, be them spinach, kale, lettuce, and so on. But maybe not use any romaine lettuce for the foreseeable future, because, in case you haven’t heard, it’s kind of a health hazard at the moment.

So here are three very simple, no-extra-kitchen-equipment-required methods to just dry your lettuce, spinach, and kale ASAP, without getting into a bad hanger state.

3 Tricks to Dry Lettuce as Fast as Possible
A colander is very handy when you’re trying to dry lettuce.

How to quickly dry lettuce quickly: 3 ideas

1. Lasso

Take a clean kitchen towel and place the lettuce/ spinach/ whatever leaves you want to dry in the center of it. Then gather the four corners of the towel in one hand. Next, and this is the more delicate part, go over to the bathroom, outside, or a terrace. Wherever you don’t mind to make a bit of the splash. Here comes the fun part: just wave around the towel forcefully until the water splatter stops. Bonus points if you do that where a neighbor might see you because it gives you a conversation topic. And you can pass on this tip.

Then let go of the corners and use the leaves however you might choose to.

2. Do the shake

Use a colander to drain the lettuce as much as possible. Then cover the mouth of the colander with a clean kitchen towel and shake it while covered in every direction possible. This will make the towel absorb most of the water from your greens and after that, you can use them in peace. Sure, this method isn’t as fun as the previous one, but at least it’s going to be a bit of a workout. And who doesn’t need that?

3. On a roll

Take the lettuce or any leafy greens you want to dry and shake the excess water off for a bit. Then place them on a towel. Starting from your side, roll the towel over the leaves while pressing gently on them, to make sure the kitchen towel absorbs the water. But make sure you don’t press too hard, or you might end up bruising the leaves, which is not the greatest of ideas.

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