Cooking With Black Radish: What You Need to Know

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Cooking with Black Radish: What You Need to Know

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Sometimes you just need to go out of your comfort zone when you’re cooking. If you’re looking for new things to try, we have a recommendation for you: cooking with black radish. We tell you why and how! 

I recently went to the market searching for some lovely beetroot, but I couldn’t find any. But my gaze fell upon a pile of black radish and I thought: hey, I’ve never cooked with this before, why not try? I love exploring new textures and tastes and trying out new ingredients. So I bought a few of those and then fired up the old laptop to do some research.

Black radish, also known as black Spanish radish (it rhymes, I love it!), is a root vegetable that has some more famous relatives: it’s a part of the cruciferous vegetable family so its cousins are broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, and so on. You will probably find a couple of varieties out there: some round, others elongated. The flavor of the black radish is sharp thanks to the chemicals that the plant uses to protect itself.

Cooking with Black Radish: What You Need to Know
One variety of black radish has a more elongated shape but is similar in flavor.

Black radish, what is it good for? 

The root veggie has plenty of beauty benefits – it helps with the overall health and youth of your skin. You can treat yourself with black radish juice if you have any spots or marks on your face that you would like to be minimized. It also reduces the fall of your hair. So it’s pretty good in all aspects. It’s rich in vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium, all of which hold important functions in your body. Consuming black radish also helps regulate cholesterol, your thyroid hormones and improves digestion. It also has diuretic properties for those who have kidney trouble or UTIs.

Ok, but how about cooking with black radish?

You can eat black radish raw, in salads, and it doesn’t require too much preparation. If its black skin seems fresh, then you don’t have to remove it from the vegetable. So that’s pretty relaxing, right? You can grate it and mix it with some grated carrots and/or apples, too.

Another idea is making chips with the black radish. Slice it in thin slices, add them to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, drizzle a bit of oil over them and then roast them for just a few minutes. Make sure you don’t burn them, though! The result will be crunchy and super healthy.

Cooking with Black Radish: What You Need to Know

Sauteeing it is also something simple and very effective when cooking with black radish. Make the slices thin, and add a little butter in the pan. Lightly cook the radish slices on both sides, with a little bit of salt, and you have yourself a very nice side dish. You can also add grated cheese and fresh herbs to it, with great results.

You can also mix it up with some cooked potatoes, for a great potato salad, that will satisfy your need for contrasts in texture and flavor. And finally, you can braise them or roast them! You have so many options and I hope you will enjoy cooking with black radish as much as I did.

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