Cooking Eggs: A Few Basic Mistakes You Can Make

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Cooking Eggs: A Few Basic Mistakes You Can Make

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Some of the easiest and quickest meals you can make involve cooking eggs. But that doesn’t mean that tiny fumbles cannot happen. That’s why we think you should be aware of these simple mistakes and not make them again if you were. 

I love eggs more than any other food in the world. There is just something about that delicate egg white and the silky, creamy yolk, with such a positive, happiness-inducing color. I like eggs so much I have written a lot of articles about them, just shouting out my love from the rooftops (of the internet, if that is a thing). Here is a pretty comprehensive guide on cooking with eggs.

But there is always more to say about this healthy food, that’s rich in protein and fatty goodness that isn’t as unhealthy as we had thought until recently. The health benefits are numerous. And there are so many ways to cook them. Unfortunately, that might mean just as many tiny mistakes to make. Here are some of them.

5 cooking eggs mistakes you might make

1. Cracking the eggs on the rim of the pan

This seems to have so many advantages. The side of the pan is the perfect shape for the delicate cracking of the egg without breaking the yolk (I hate it when that happens). But this method means that you might get shells in your pan and also lose some of that nutritious eggs. Crack the eggs on a flat surface, it’s better in every possible way.

2. Adding way too much salt

This is a sin that I have to confess. I tend to add waaaay too much salt whenever I cook my eggs. Season and then taste as you cook them. That’s the best way to make sure your lips won’t bloat from way too much sodium.

Cooking Eggs: A Few Basic Mistakes You Can Make

3. Using the wrong pan

No matter how you cook your eggs in a pan, make sure that pan is a nonstick one. Because you don’t want them to be glued to the bottom of the pan. That is just a recipe for disaster. Especially if you’re making fried eggs – them sticking to the pan will ruin the beautiful golden yolk.

4. Using high heat

Eggs cook pretty quickly, so don’t use high heat on the stove top to deal with them. You could dry them up too much and overcook them, which will completely ruin their taste and some of the nutritional value. The best way is to preheat your pan to a medium temperature, add the eggs, and reduce the temperature once you’ve done that. This is how you can control the rate at which your eggs are cooking. And you ensure that they are cooked evenly.

5. Leaving them in the pan for too long

You must never forget that eggs still cook even after you’ve removed them from the heat. So once you turn off the stove, make sure to remove them immediately from the pan or pot you’ve cooked them in, or you will get an overcooked mess again. So do not discount the residual heat if you want to have healthy, tasty eggs.

Bonus: Make sure that you eat the eggs at once after you’ve cooked them. They’re only delicious unless they don’t really have time to get cold!

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