7 Clever Kitchen Gadgets to Make You Look Like a Pro

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Here are some clever kitchen gadgets that we recently eyed

Today, kitchen is not only the place where you get most of your meals done, but a place filled with tech and cool gadgets designed to ease your life by saving time and why not, money. Look what we’ve found:

Banana slicer

1. Banana Slicer

How often do you enjoy a banana oatmeal breakfast? If the answer is frequent, we have a gadget that will save you the effort of cutting the banana slice by slice. The banana cutter and slicer allows you to cut the entire fruit in just a few seconds, without using a knife or a cutting board. Peel the banana, insert it into the special gap and press. You get multiple slices at once, uniformly shaped. You welcome!

5-in-1 pan

2. 5-in-1 frying pan 

No, it is not a myth, it actually exists! This amazing 5-in-1 frying pan is perfect for you if you are a multitasking person by nature. It will help you cook various ingredients at once, in the same pan, without dirtying different types of pans and waiting for each food to be ready. Saves time, effort and money.


3. Washing basket

How many times were you annoyed by the fact that you had to wash a few blueberries at once, in the palms of your hands? Well, now you can forget about this, because the perfect washing basket exists.

It is in fact a multi-purpose strainer that allows you to fully wash and strain fruits, pasta or steamed vegetables. Depending on the size of your kitchen sink, you can expand the colander to your liking. It is made from a non-stick material, resistant to high temperatures and easily cleanable.

Rolling cutter

4. Rolling Cutter

How many times did you want to bake croissants, tiny breads or cookies in various shapes, but you gave up the idea because you didn’t have the right tools? This rolling cutter might be the perfect solution for you. It helps you simultaneously cut the dough while flattening it. Its blades are made from stainless steel and the handles from solid wood. So, if baking is your favorite kitchen activity, this rolling cutter is a must-have gadget.

Meat stamper

5. Personalized Meat Stamper

Do you have a grilling fan in your family or maybe a close friend whose birthday is approaching? We have just the perfect gift idea for them: a personalized meat stamper that will surely impress him / her. The gadget comes with 55 changeable letters, so that the person can create any desired message and then print in on the meat. Ingenious, right?

Patty press

6. Burger Press

Fancy a gourmet burger from time to time? You don’t need to order it anymore. Make it at home, with the help of this patty press. Season the beef with your favorite ingredients and place it in the round shape of the tool. Then, use the press and you’ll get the perfectly shaped hamburger that you can easily grill on a skillet, barbecue grill or frying pan.

Crepe maker

7. Electric Crepes Maker

Are you or your family fans of crepes? Then you need to get expert at making them, while also saving time. Here is a crepes maker that will save you the trouble and help you obtain the perfectly shaped and cooked (not burnt) crepes. Made from non-sticking material, the gadget can be used for egg dishes or pizzas, as well.

Make sure to pour the batter into the plate basin, preheat the gadget and then turn it upside-down so that you’re sticking the heated black end into the batter. Then, you’ll just have to wait a minute or two before taking it out of the batter and flip it over, in order to remove the crepes.

We thought these kitchen gadgets were pretty cool. What do you think, will you try one of these?

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