13 Kitchen Gadgets That Make Your Life Easier

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Hats off to the inventors of kitchen gadgets! Today we have an electrical machine for every chore. And they come with the benefit of looking good in every home, thanks to their compact design and nice colors.

Often, cooking is messy, time-consuming and exhausting, especially after a long day at work. Sure, we all love to eat good, but sometimes we lack the energy for creating more sophisticated meals. If you have felt like this lately and want to spend less time in the kitchen and more with the family, here’s some good news to cheer you up: we live in a golden technology age and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

We’re talking about decorating your kitchen with some of the hottest gadgets in trends, in order to make your life more easier and meals more delicious and rightly cooked. There are plenty of smart kitchen solutions to choose from. We have put together a quick list, to shed some light on this matter.

1) Buy a bread maker*

Homemade bread smells like Heaven on Earth and tastes the same. But all the kneading and waiting for the dough to grow is exhausting and maybe a little bit boring. How about you add up all the ingredients in one pot, press a button and wait for the bread to bake? Yes, it could be that simple, if you choose to buy a bread maker. It usually has at least 12 baking programs and allows you to cook a large assortment of bread, pasta dough or cakes. You can bake large or small bread and you have full control over what ingredients you want to use.

2) Invest in a nice rice cooker

Cooking rice is not hard, but you could spend that time doing other important household chores fun stuff. A nutrient-friendly preparation machine, with intuitive control options and a modern look, will help you cook rice in all shapes and colors: white, brown, whole grain rice, quinoa, etc. Most importantly, a rice cooker has specially designed programs for every type of rice: basmati, jasmine, crispy, porridge, and so on.

3) Choose a handy slow cooker

This gadget is easy to use, affordable to buy, and friendly with meals made with budget ingredients. It comes in handy for a variety of foods, such as one-pot meals, casseroles, stews or soups.

4) What about a multi cooker?

It can bake, stew, fry, steam and it kinda seems like your best friend in the kitchen. This automatic machine allows you to cook almost any type of food – from vegetables to meats, fish, yogurt, rice, and even desserts. Simply adjust the time, date, and mode to be used for food preparation and be amazed by the delicious end-result.

5) Did you say steam cooker? 

Want a healthier way to cook fruits and vegetables? Try a 2 basket layered steam cooker with a capacity of 9 liters. You can use it to steam rice, fish and vegetables, whilst retaining most of the nutrients and vitamins in these foods.

6) For lazy days, there’s always a food processor

Speaking of vegetables, do you hate chopping them? There’s a solution for this, too. It’s called food processor and it can chop and grind foods without using any liquids in the mix. We all know that food prep is the most time-consuming part of what it means to put a meal together. So why not let this beauty do the work for you instead?

7) Drink healthier – choose a citrus juicer

You know how messy squeezing a lemon can become, so why go through all the fuss when you can buy a citrus juicer and let this gadget do the hard work for you? This way, you save more of the fruit’s juices and enjoy faster natural, healthy drinks, with plenty of vitamins.

8) Blender, because fruits can be turned into fabulous drinks, too

Puree, shakes, and smoothies – so many yummy drinks you can turn the fruits into! And a quality blender will ease the process, crushing ice and blending frozen fruits, leaving you with a delicious frozen juice anytime you want.

9) Food saver, so that your meals don’t go to waste

Say goodbye to the nightmare called leftovers! When you don’t know what to do with all the remaining meals you prepared in advance, invest in a food saver that will help you store the meals for many more days. For example, meat stored in the fridge can last up to 3 days and still taste fresh, especially if you use this type of gadget. So, instead of meals rotting after a few days, you’ll have plenty of leftovers to eat for later.

10) Sandwich maker, for when you don’t feel like cooking fancy

But not just any sandwich make. Try one with a press, so you can have savory sandwiches and quesadillas well pressed and ready to eat. It can easily fit into the kitchen or stay on the countertop.

11) Mug warmer, ’cause tea is best served hot

Never drink cold tea or coffee again! Thanks to this remarkable kitchen appliance, your drinks will always stay warm, if it ever happens to forget to drink them immediately.

12) Breakfast station, for when you wake up in hunger, but you don’t have time to cook

Do you constantly skip breakfast? Not anymore! We have found the perfect solution for you to enjoy at home the most important meal of the day. A breakfast station that will let you cook multiple foods at the same time: eggs, sausages, toast, bacon, while also making a pot of coffee. You definitely must give it a try!

13) Electric grill, for rainy days with barbecues

When the weather is bad, you can still enjoy a barbecue in your lovely kitchen. Invest in a good electric grill, with non-stick surfaces and get ready to grill your favorite types of meats and even veggies.


We sincerely hope this list inspires you and shows you that time in the kitchen can be spent smartly. Investing in quality kitchen gadgets not only spares you of the hard work but lets you enjoy foods without ruining their nutritious properties.

What’s more, you’ll start to like cooking, when you’ll see how easy it can be. Let the kitchen appliances do the hard part and you and your family enjoy the pleasant outcomes!

* Note: All the links in this story are affiliate links to Amazon. If you’ll buy any of these appliances, a small amount of money will come to us and we thank you in advance.

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