What Kind of Period Diet Should You Follow Every Month?

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You know very well what kind of symptoms you have during your period. Of course, they differ from person to person, but most women do have a sort of scrambled appetite, hard to control cravings, and eating healthy seems like a huge challenge. Here is what could help with your period diet, so you don’t take in too much weight every month.

There are some tricks that can help you deal with your cravings and your unbalanced digestive system during that challenging time of the month. The good news is you don’t need that much willpower to keep your period diet. This strategy will also alleviate the nasty symptoms of your menstrual cycle, so you can feel lighter and more energized.

Caffeine is used in some period symptom alleviators, so a warm cup will help you.

5 ideas for an effective period diet

1. Have an extra dose of coffee

Caffeine can help with that exhaustion you feel on the days of your menstrual cycle when it’s hard to get out of bed. But if more coffee is waiting for you, you might just do that, right? Caffeine can actually be found in some symptom alleviators like Midol. So brew that magic drink and know that it has another advantage: it’s loaded with antioxidants, which really help your metabolism. But don’t overdo it, or it can have the opposite effect: make you feel exhausted.

2. Be Iron Woman

If you’re menstruating, it’s possible to develop a bit of iron deficiency, because you eliminate the mineral from your body via blood. And your cravings might also be related to iron-rich foods, like hamburger meat. So control your iron cravings before they control you. Try eating some of the most iron-heavy foods like lentils, white rice, spinach (don’t say Popeye didn’t warn you), chickpeas, kidney beans, and tomatoes.

What Kind of Period Diet Should You Follow Every Month?
Iron-rich foods like liver, eggs, parsley, dried apricots, lentils, and broccoli are great every month.

3. Mind your bloating

Your monthly period is a time to feel as bloated as a hot air balloon, so it would be helpful for your well-being to work against bloating in your period diet. Get rid of fizzy drinks or sugary drinks – both are among the leading causes of bloating. Also, look for low-salt foods, because salt can make you retain more water in your body, and you don’t need that on top of the other symptoms. Pick whole foods, which are easier to digest – go for fruits and veggies, nuts, whole grains. And stay off the processed food aisles as much as possible.

4. Protein and fiber, period diet champs

Protein and fiber-rich foods can help your blood sugar levels remain stable so that you can avoid any sweet cravings. This matters the most during the afternoon when you have that fabled drop in energy. Don’t give in to it. Don’t grab the nearest chocolate bar or roasted peanuts available. Have some apple slices and cheese, for instance. Or a banana.

What Kind of Period Diet Should You Follow Every Month?
Apple slices and cheese are a great, healthy snack during your menstruation cycle.

5. More meals

Try to split the classical three meals of the day into 5-6 smaller meals. Because your appetite is through the roof and your cravings too, you feel like eating all the time. But if you spread the same quantity of food over a whole day, you will feel quite content with your digestion.

All of these ideas can help bring your monthly symptoms to a more bearable level, so you can still enjoy life even on those difficult days.


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