A Nutritious Harvest: Grape Health Benefits on the Vine

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A Nutritious Harvest: Grape Health Benefits on the Vine

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Who needs grapes when you can have some nice wine. Am I right? Not really, I was kidding. If you’re not doing it already, harvest the grape health benefits and enjoy this fruit to the max!

As a wine freak who is not a connoisseur in the least, I am always thankful for the fruit of the vine. And beyond one glass with my roommate, during the evenings, I also like to have some grapes as a snack. I mean they’re perfect for that, aren’t they? You just wash them thoroughly, add them to a large bowl and then have some of them while doing something else. It really doesn’t get easier than this.

But what are the most notable grape health benefits? Some of them differ from type to type of grapes. But some of those benefits differ, from green to red, black, yellow, and pink. But all of them are pretty much loaded with antioxidants and plenty of other nutrients. Let’s check them out and see the best ones!

5 grape health benefits to take advantage of

1. Super nutrition

Grapes are loaded with important minerals – like calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and a touch of iron, zinc, and magnesium. How about vitamins? Plenty of those as well. Eat some grapes, get a nice helping of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, and quite a few B vitamins like folate, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin B6.

2. They help with digestion

If you eat grapes, you’re sure to have a well-regulated digestion. Why is that? because of the dietary fiber in them, more than 1 gram in a cup.

A Nutritious Harvest: Grape Health Benefits on the Vine
Red grapes have the most benefits. And their antioxidants are also found in red wine.

3. Prevent chronic diseases

The high content of antioxidants in all types of grapes has been found to help repair the damage that free radicals caused to your cells. Free radicals lead to oxidative stress which has been associated with chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. So, a good helping of grapes cannot really hurt you. There are about 1,600 types of antioxidants in this particular fruit. Including resveratrol, beta-carotene, vitamin C, quercetin, lutein, lycopene and ellagic acid.

4. Lower blood pressure

One cup of grapes has plenty of potassium (about 288 mg) which might help lower your blood pressure if you have that kind of health problem. Low intake of this mineral has been linked in the past to increased risks of high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes. So, if you want to keep your heart unbroken, then eat grapes often!

5. Red grapes reduce cholesterol levels

Out of all grape types, red grapes are the healthiest. One study found that eating three cups of red grapes a day for about 8 weeks lowered total bad cholesterol (LDL). White grapes did not have nearly the same effect. Why is that? Because red grapes are rich in resveratrol and anthocyanins, compounds which remain present even after fermentation. That is why it’s also great to drink red wine!

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