Essential Baking Pans: What Are the Can’t Miss Items?

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If you’ve just started baking, you might be confused by the variety of pans out there. So what are the essential baking pans to own? We let you know right now.

We can’t all get all the items we might want for our kitchen. For some of us, the storing space in our cupboards is limited, because we live in a tiny apartment. Or maybe the problem is money. We just can’t spare enough to invest in all of the kitchen equipment we feel we need. And reading recipes online can make things even worse. Because each of them demands you use a certain pan or tin or sheet.

What are you to do then? Well, of course, there are some essential baking pans that you can substitute all others for. Focus on getting them and they will get you through most baking projects you might have.

The following items can be used for so much more than cookies and cakes. You will need them for mouthwatering casseroles or nutritious roasted vegetables and so much more. Let’s see what they are.

Essential Baking Pans: What Are the Can’t Miss Items?
If you want to make muffins and cupcakes, you cant do without a muffin pan.

5 essential baking pans for your kitchen

1. The baking sheet

You can make so many things with a sheet pan or a baking sheet. Not only can you bake delicious cookies and other things, but the sheet pan works for roasting vegetables, making a sheet cake, and also your very own granola. You will probably find the 18 x 13 in the store and that’s the standard size. But before you do that, make sure that it fits in your oven. Get one with a one-inch lip.

2. The loaf pan

If you’re into making bread, then this is what you need to make a delicious crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside loaf. Not just wheat bread, even. Think about banana bread, pumpkin bread, and all other kinds of loaf there are out there.

But wait, there’s more: make pot pie, meatloaf, and pound cake. Now doesn’t that sound extremely versatile? And not to mention that if you want to make something in a smaller quantity, loaf pan has got you covered.

Essential Baking Pans: What Are the Can’t Miss Items?
The loaf pan helps you make bread but also a lot of other delicious items.

3. The 9-inch round baking pan

If you want to make cakes, then this is the standard item that you need. Most cake & layered cake recipes ask you to have this sort of pan. You can usually find them in sets of two (because of layered cake). And since you’re a beginner in this area, you don’t need more for now. But if you’re looking to try more complicated projects, with more layers, get at least two more cake pans of this size. They will come in handy.

4. The 9×13-inch baking dish

This is another essential item to have in your kitchen. It’s quite tough to live without it. This is the one you can make lasagna in, casseroles, cobblers, but also on the baking topic, cakes and brownies. They are multifunctional and you will love finding more and more things to cook in them. You can use it as a serving dish as well.

5. The muffin pan

Do I even have to say it? Muffin pans are amazing because you can make so much more than muffins and cupcakes in them. But even if we stick with that we’d be satisfied. Individual tiny foods? Check! Like mini lasagnas, weird egg and avocado combos, tiny quiches or frittatas, and even single oatmeal servings.

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